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Aditi Bahl 3 MAY AT 10:37

Questioning the way
you are designed,
won't change it.


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Aditi Bahl 7 DEC 2019 AT 8:26

Your presence

Your presence was like coming
to a shelter i know i don't own.
But the bliss connected us
to our eternity.
Your flaws were my ideals
of perfection.
Together, we even blossom
in autumn.
The more I think, the more
I enchant to it.
And again, it's just your presence
that makes me realise that
I don't have to own a shelter
to be a part of it.


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Aditi Bahl 4 DEC 2019 AT 16:13

once full of emotion
fades away with time,
and reappear when
they are meant to.
Likewise I'll come back
in just a symphony and
start a whole new decade.


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Aditi Bahl 8 OCT 2019 AT 19:03

Far away from reality
lies a magical place.
A place that can
consume you.
A place more beautiful
than nature.
A place where you are
the almighty.
And often when i visit that
place i forget to come back
It's so far from reality.
Indeed an illusion.


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Aditi Bahl 25 SEP 2019 AT 7:35

The diversities in her mind
were so deep that even
the ocean could not grasp it.


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Aditi Bahl 12 SEP 2019 AT 7:08

We were not meant
to be tamed.
The voids often embrace us,
wanting us to stay.


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Aditi Bahl 8 AUG 2019 AT 15:19

She was so brutally beaten
by the wind that her wings became
too fragile to fly.


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Aditi Bahl 11 JUL 2019 AT 5:47

We all are chasing a feeling that
doesn't exist, ignoring the
one that do.


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Aditi Bahl 28 JUN 2019 AT 5:53

If kindness was a currency
Even the cruelest of hearts
would crave for it.
If kindness was a moment
Even change would want
to be still.
If kindness was life.
Even death would want
to survive.


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Aditi Bahl 18 MAY 2019 AT 9:52

I like the idea that we can go
beyond the limits.
We can crave for anything we want
even in the worst scenario.
Like a flower growing in the
extremes of climate.
Holding its life within and making
things look so attainable.
The best thing is a feeling, a feeling
of worth. A feeling that we did
something beyond.
Its just an idea now but simply an
idea can lead to a million things.
We just have to hold our life and
faith within and fight for it.


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