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Joined 30 March 2018
Aditi Bahl 8 AUG AT 15:19

She was so brutally beaten
by the wind that her wings became
too fragile to fly.


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Aditi Bahl 11 JUL AT 5:47

We all are chasing a feeling that
doesn't exist, ignoring the
one that do.


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Aditi Bahl 28 JUN AT 5:53

If kindness was a currency
Even the cruelest of hearts
would crave for it.
If kindness was a moment
Even change would want
to be still.
If kindness was life.
Even death would want
to survive.


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Aditi Bahl 18 MAY AT 9:52

I like the idea that we can go
beyond the limits.
We can crave for anything we want
even in the worst scenario.
Like a flower growing in the
extremes of climate.
Holding its life within and making
things look so attainable.
The best thing is a feeling, a feeling
of worth. A feeling that we did
something beyond.
Its just an idea now but simply an
idea can lead to a million things.
We just have to hold our life and
faith within and fight for it.


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Aditi Bahl 1 MAY AT 7:24

Honestly she just wants to fade away
from her life eternally.


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Aditi Bahl 21 MAR AT 12:39

You can't always expect
people to fix things that
you messed up on purpose.


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Aditi Bahl 10 MAR AT 10:41

Faith is like clouds embracing the stars
teaching not to let go when
it can be accomplished.


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Aditi Bahl 28 FEB AT 15:11

Drops gently falling back on its origin.
Maybe trying to make us remember
Some past memories or forgotten
places we are supposed to visit.
Like reminding us of the mesmerising
moments and beautiful conversations.
But we just get struck in the middle
unable to choose our emotions.
And loosing our ability of what to
choose and how to choose.
But the end is commen
We gaze at the droplets, seize them
like emotions and then
we let it go.


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Aditi Bahl 22 FEB AT 9:10

When pain makes you feel alive.
Every single nightmare starts to
leave an impact on your soul.
That's when our mind enters in
a parellel universe.
And we get lost at nowhere
doing nothing with nobody.
Meanwhile you get this touch of
reality that tries to drag you back.
And that's the time we come to
know what dillema is all about.


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Aditi Bahl 7 FEB AT 9:09

May be they are not a part of your life now because your soul have already learnt the lesson they were supposed to teach you.


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