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Zuhal Muradi 25 JUL 2019 AT 9:18


You could never know how it feels
Watching an ocean run dry,
The waves fade to dust,
It blowing away,

Drifting around the world with dead eyes
Hiding from the sun,
Hiding from night,
Trapped inside an empty bottle
Unmoving; lost without the sea

When your pain can't be heard;
tears won't be seen

I've sent a message,
It's now encased within a glacier,
But now it's you who is floating away;
You who came to me; a savior


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Zuhal Muradi 16 JUL 2019 AT 10:11

we've lost it
the meaning of happiness
of what it is that makes a human

ironically it was our only goal
yet we've failed with green eyes and bags of gold

seeking answers from stars afar
unwilling to truly understand what it is we stand upon

Intelligence is the result of stupidity
our inflated egos and greed
has turned our home into everything but the one thing we need

we've lost it
we've completely lost it


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Zuhal Muradi 22 JAN 2019 AT 11:29

Sat back
By the blood moon
Still intact
Through my back
Still you wont
Instead pull me back
The very
You saved
From drowning.


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Zuhal Muradi 7 OCT 2018 AT 8:16

Blend in

Until you don't need to.


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Zuhal Muradi 24 SEP 2018 AT 11:01

I tried. Really I did
But your every breath
Still froze my overflowing mind

Still slowed my thoughts
Still bought you time

And now that you're gone
The river breaks
With icebergs crashing down

You, with your blank expression
And me, still trying to make you smile
As I drown
Not one sound
Not one smile


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Zuhal Muradi 20 SEP 2018 AT 13:06

For every door that opens
after you knock on it,

You will forget the thousands before
that never did.


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Zuhal Muradi 29 JUL 2018 AT 20:56

Ice and sand
A mothers touch
The devils hand
Perfect storms
Dying lands
Here to stay
Here I am

Hot to cold
A pleasent day
Sinking in molten gold
Stay alive
Till you grow old
Or die right now
Who knows?



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Zuhal Muradi 26 MAY 2018 AT 12:55

Dark Blue

Barbed wire tied,
More layers added with each of your lies
Watched me struggle
with more bundles waiting to rise
Carried me lovingly to the edge of a stormy cliff
You smiled once more before your expression soured
I melted from the anger, the betrayal
And just like that, slipped through your unflinching fingers
You turned your back on me
Dark blue


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Zuhal Muradi 8 MAY 2018 AT 13:24

A quivering heart. Out of tune.
Its beats no longer bridge the gap between our touch.
Tonight you sleep just out of my reach,
Clutching on to the edge of the bed;
Your arms twisted within the sheets.

That night a different shape took your lips,
As an icy chill escaped,
Landing stings on the skin of my neck;
A whisper it was, of an unfamiliar groan;
Her name
Not mine.


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Zuhal Muradi 14 MAR 2018 AT 10:23

Sit back
and take a deep breath.
Let me show you
what's beneath
my plastered smile;
this ever decaying fragile shell.
Before it crumbles on it's own.
Before I reveal my true wrath
through gritted teeth
and pulsating bones.


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