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I, try, to. write!

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I, try, to. write!

*Only hit the follow button, after reading the write-ups*
Joined 12 May 2017
Barsha Kumar 18 JUN AT 22:36

Verses of grief
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Barsha Kumar 17 JUN AT 22:12

Depression is bleak
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Barsha Kumar 8 JUN AT 22:38

i kiss waves of wind.
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Barsha Kumar 6 JUN AT 2:47

the hammer
inside my head.doesn't stop
hitting every
nerve of my brain.

an unwanted
excruciating emotion
keeps incessantly
the hole of my heart;
filling the pores
of my skin
with an
unbearable grief.

the tears
doesn't stop itself from flowing;
my cheeks burn
my eyes paralyzed
my breath caught
in the loop of restlessness
and my body
devoid of every amount
of strength.

i don't die
and cannot die.


Barsha Kumar 5 JUN AT 21:38

they slaughtered my heart
and metamorphosed my existence
into karbala.


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Barsha Kumar 18 MAY AT 0:34

loneliness and longing
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Barsha Kumar 23 APR AT 0:02

i took my pen to fight
but the nasty disappointment
slaughtered my muse
piece by piece
inch by inch.

At last,
the ink solidified
words committed suicide
sentences lost its meaning
the neurons of my brain bursted
and my brain got caught
in the loop of OCD
"i took my pen to write".


Barsha Kumar 22 APR AT 15:27

The moon
of my world
is submerged in blood today.

The wind
blowing through my verandah
is infused with hamlock,
this evening.

inside my brain
is bawing
like a mother -
whose first child died
after seconds of birth.

My lord,
Endow me a favor
and exalt me from this misery,
by reading some
blood dripping poetry
in my deaf ears.
Don't you know,
I am a mad-woman
with a ripped soul
and a rotten heart?!


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Barsha Kumar 17 APR AT 12:45

I uttered
after words,
after sentences.
all I received
a mouthful
of draught,
puffing my cheeks,
and slamming through my
disappointed throat,
to my euphoric lungs ;
that -
shrouded my whole existence
with utter disappointment
and blazing pain.

//talking to the wind.


Barsha Kumar 6 APR AT 2:30

People are dying.
But don't forget to submit your assignment.
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