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Welcome 🙏
Joined 29 May 2017

Welcome 🙏
Joined 29 May 2017
Ayushi Verma 27 JUN AT 11:24

I'm a pen
My ink is blood
I bleed words
Drowning pain
In flood


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Ayushi Verma 15 JUN AT 23:35

A part of me
Died long back
I had a home so pretty
Nothing it lacked
But pretty things
Come with a price tag
Inside was dark
I lost my track
Rest of the world
Was colorful
I was in black
I fell in love with it
An addict in pain
One day I got unleashed
Ran as fast as I can
Little did I know
I left something in it
That I still can't have


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Ayushi Verma 11 JUN AT 23:17

My head hurts
As I fail
To untangle
The mess I own
I don't know peace
I have tried before
I got defeated
In the everlasting
Wound and scars
Don't heal but roar
In numbers too big
To ignore


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Ayushi Verma 7 JUN AT 14:31

As I walk through the forest
Monsters have turned into trees
Once I was trapped here
Now I roam fearlessly
As I walk deeper inside
Trees whisper low and mild
I see a girl fading in mist
My reflection is clear in her eyes
Above the earth and below the skies
She is my story of victory
Over the wild

- Ayushi Verma


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Ayushi Verma 4 JUN AT 0:15

Our connection is fading
Wish I could do it better

I caught you trading
Yourself after saying no never

You were intoxicating
I don't bargain to stay together

I saw you tried persuading
After ignoring my letter

Now I m tired of waiting
Ain't no flower blooms forever


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Ayushi Verma 30 MAY AT 0:27

In the ocean
You'll find emotions
Listen to the waves
Crash in Commotion

- Ayushi Verma


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Ayushi Verma 29 MAY AT 1:10

Our body act
Fake all the facts
To the things I hide
You might react
I mistook you
For the past was bad
I'm at the same place
That you are at


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Ayushi Verma 27 MAY AT 18:18

Time is a fuel
We use each day
To burn ourselves
For work and pay
Getting stocked
In an ashtray.


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Ayushi Verma 22 MAY AT 14:00

At times when
My heart is cold
I burn words
To keep me warm


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Ayushi Verma 20 MAY AT 0:10

Looking at the ocean
You can't measure it's depth

I am a book with blank cover
And you think , you know me well

I am a house with no windows
Situated near the highway to hell

My silence awaits a listener
To ring the doorbell


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