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You will always be enough for urself ♥️
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You will always be enough for urself ♥️
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Ayushi Verma 15 NOV AT 19:46



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Ayushi Verma 31 OCT AT 23:26

Thought I was falling for an ocean

Little did I know bout commotion

Instantly got caught up in a wave

Couldn't breathe almost gave it away

Got vulnerable in all so many ways

Voice tremble when I try to explain

World seems unclear yet I pretend

Wish we were honest for a while

That walk made this heart so fragile

Your eyes sparkled when they looked in mine

Wish I'd know that you were lying

Honey, Love is easy only in fairy tale life

- Ayushi Verma


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Ayushi Verma 11 JUL AT 13:54

What if I start to think
And what if I slip and sink
Into the lake of dilemmas I hide
What if I lose myself to the wild
What it's like to be brave ?
Crying or staying numb as grave
What if i find the truth ?
And pave ways to ruin my youth
What if fall again ?
Even though I m shielded and sane
Ignoring seems such a boon
Cos life ain't answering me any soon
What if I m fading with mortals on the ground
If I m not hurting I don't wanna be found
For once I just wanbe safe and sound
Till the morning meal comes around


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Ayushi Verma 15 JUN AT 14:32

Its the age of demons who don't fear light

And monsters are liked over snow whites

Being true is a curse but liars are in style

We wear a mask called strong being fragile

Honey , faking doesn't help all the time

So for once be real don't run and hide

Our sins need holy water not suicide

We dream of hell to feed our nasty minds

The youth is reckless our love ain't divine

Our head is corrupt and oh-so not wise

Fairy tales are boring but beasts excite

In a room of fallen angels

I wish unicorns were mine

-Ayushi Verma


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Ayushi Verma 21 MAR AT 23:41

Darkness fuels my distress at night
Still I choose the moon over sun light
Don't know how long I can bend not break
How shall I ease me of this fear and ache
Cos my cure is a circle in a crowd of rings
In blues I close my eyes to inapt things
I see restless souls with nasty thoughts
Who sleep to wake and stay untaught
Their eyes run wild from dark to bright
For a home to live or someone to guide
They fall too early for the heart or price
History rules them now and devils thrive
Just like the titanic their love don't survive
Neither was titanic nor love is weak
But ego alike iceberg is too big and deep
Perhaps sinking of titanic was its destiny
And maybe all our mistakes are meant to be


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Ayushi Verma 3 FEB AT 13:55

In silence I heard the whisper of my soul
Everything was still yet out of control
Strong wave of thoughts like never before
Threw me unarmed on a savage shore
It was getting dark I craved for light
But then realised there is solace in night
Cause for me the sun is too bright
Winking Stars in that mysterious sky
Reminded me of my fairytale life
Where love and mercy made the soul divine
But this reality is darker than my words may seem
Here silence is the noise of souls that scream .


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Ayushi Verma 22 NOV 2018 AT 2:41

I don't wanna possess you or anyone
I don't wanna touch things that hurt
You get me wrong the way I talk
And I die just by the way you walk
I don't wanna make you fall and dwell
I just wanna take swings on your charm to hell...


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Ayushi Verma 26 OCT 2018 AT 15:47

I laugh I cry I fail and try
I run then stop to sit and talk
To my silence
Which blames me
For all that is wrong
I love and break then get up to fake
The darkness
That I m not afraid
It haunts and tries to turn me wild
Then tear my soul up time to time
I learn and recite to escape and hide
The truths I love
Which makes me lie
I dig I veil they get lost and I find
All of my words
So that I can tell you
The reason behind
My lost paradise!


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Ayushi Verma 16 SEP 2018 AT 15:29

You are the trespasser
Of the road that I own
I save your footprints
When you are gone
Turn them into a silhouette
For the walls of my home
Feed my soul with your impressions
Being drunk and alone.


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Ayushi Verma 26 MAR 2018 AT 15:53

In this contemporary world
She is just a pretty lamppost
standing still in the skirt of that abandoned Road
which was once trooped by some familiar strangers...
But her desire to unfurl light is still immense like a thunder!


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