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Of words, illusions and nonsense.
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Of words, illusions and nonsense.
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Joined 25 May 2017
thoughtelicious 16 JUN AT 17:23

Questions of identity,
That seem to boggle me now.
Can I seek my own answers,
Or should I just accept the ones given by thou?

As a kid, I was told
About how things are,
With the remark of a teacher,
'You won't be able to go too far..'
Because I learnt a language that she did not like,
Maybe, I should have learnt Sanskrit to get it right.

As I joined College, I was considered a bad company,
By a teacher who did not believe in the term 'religion',
I was still questioned if I had a terrorist vision,
I wondered as a student how I was a terror,
I guess, my name was enough of an error.

A few years later, I was called a murderer,
For eating what I eat,
You know that one thing called "meat".
"How heartless of you," they said,
While having a chicken wing with a dole of bread.

With all that I have been through in my life,
I do not dare to ask these questions anymore,
For I know who I am,
Nothing more than a caste, a religion or a name.


thoughtelicious 5 JUN AT 0:28

It is what
we do with our pain
that defines who
we are going to be
in our lives.


thoughtelicious 2 JUN AT 17:49

I promise
to save you
from the devils
of the world
even if that
means saving
you from me
on the days
when I turn
into one.


thoughtelicious 30 MAY AT 19:49

Pain sticks
to me like

It keeps coming back
in words and phrases
that do not let go off me
until I fix them in a poem.


thoughtelicious 29 MAY AT 14:25

Have you ever
seen people
dancing in the rain,
too happy to care
about anything else
in the world?

That's how I want
to fall in love,
I want it to keep
raining on me
despite the weather.


thoughtelicious 28 MAY AT 20:34

If people can
build igloos
out of ice,
then maybe,
someday, someone
will find a home
in your heart too.


thoughtelicious 28 MAY AT 14:23

When something
is about to go wrong,
people often begin
to feel it long
before it happens.

You were that
feeling for me.


thoughtelicious 27 MAY AT 19:30

I don't know
why people
who are capable
of healing others
choose to hurt them.

Does a rose ever
prick a thorn to
its lovers?


thoughtelicious 26 MAY AT 23:36

The only thing
worth waiting
for is a time,
when I am no
longer stuck
on the idea
of us being
together in
this lifetime.


thoughtelicious 26 MAY AT 12:10

I have built
a glass wall
between me and
the world today.

I want to know
how the world reacts
when they only get to see
and not say anything at all.


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