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Parth Bishnöi
6 JUL AT 11:56

In the reaction of life
People will act like different
Atoms and they'll try to make
Molecules against you by
creating strong bonds.

But it's up to you,
You can either show them your
Acidic behaviour and create
Dangerous fumes in some lives
Or you can stick to your basic
Behaviour and protect everyone
From the flames of hatred.


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Amol Gade
21 APR AT 8:39

Some call it Love, some call it Hate,
Some call it Luck, some call it Fate,
But I call it, what you Sow is
what you Get,
Life is Beautiful, Enjoy it before
it's too Late.


Image source - Pinterest
#love #hate #luck #fate #enjoylife #karma #late


Parth Bishnöi
22 JUL AT 17:22

Today if you love a person
He/she will surely change
Into one of these few things
In your life.

❁ helpful | hazardous

❁ habit | history

❁ heart | hate

❁ heaven | hell

❁ home | hospital


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Pragya Shree
12 FEB AT 15:51

साथ तो एक दिन सांसे भी छोड़ देती हैं,
फिर शिकायत सिरफ महोब्बत से क्यो ??



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