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Joined 26 October 2017
Runjhun Noopur 18 MAR AT 23:24

"I don't belong here"
"Then where?"
"Well, that is better than anywhere, isn't it?"


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Runjhun Noopur 15 MAR AT 0:37

Summer is here
But you are still gone
It's cold


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Runjhun Noopur 9 MAR AT 0:31

Are you
just hearing me out
or truly listening
to my soul?


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Runjhun Noopur 8 MAR AT 21:42

Don't Call Them Devi

One of my pet peeves, when it comes to women empowerment is the whole idea that dubs women as 'devi' or a superhuman or some sort of a divine blessing for the mankind (man being the operative word). We put women on a precarious pedestal, and expect them to stay there. We take away their right to make mistakes, to express emotions, to be angry, disappointed, irresponsible, even evil. Women are forced to live up to a facade of divine perfection to alleviate the society's guilt and allow it to not treat women as humans. A whole lot of well-meaning people fall into the reductive, lazy and problematic 'Aurat Devi hai' trap because that is just how the social conditioning works.

The thing is Aurat would be happy if you simply treated her as a functioning human, allowed her flaws, empathized with her, listened to her and were willing to look past her gender not just when seeking accountability, but also when revising her pay, according her dignity and dealing with her mess. Respect is a complicated idea, and just calling her Devi ain't it. It is not that simple, and it is definitely not that easy.


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Runjhun Noopur 12 FEB AT 10:55

It is a fairly universal experience that at some point in life, one realizes that there are emotions in their heart that can no longer be contained by the mundane motions of life. That is the point when they, who had never deemed themselves to be a writer, become one.


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Runjhun Noopur 18 OCT 2018 AT 12:54

But is it ever?


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Runjhun Noopur 15 OCT 2018 AT 9:00

"Another Insta story?"

"Why do you hate them?"

"I don't hate them, I just don't understand why you would want to invest your time in something that wouldn't last an eternity"

"And that right there is the reason why we never will never work"


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Runjhun Noopur 12 OCT 2018 AT 13:57

I would be freaking proud to have built a kingdom of gold and annoyed the Gods while still managing to keep those locks shiny and flowing on all ten heads.


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Runjhun Noopur 2 AUG 2018 AT 0:18

It was scary to know that he knew me well enough to play me

It was scarier to realize that I didn't mind even if he did


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Runjhun Noopur 15 JUL 2018 AT 12:27

This world doesn't need more celebrities turning into writers

What this world needs is more writers turning into celebrities


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