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Keya Tolbert 9 DEC AT 21:52

I'm done living in the gray shade of your love....


Priyanka Srivastava 27 NOV AT 13:15

‪My shade of gray
a bit darker then your sky
a veil which which is empty
still heavy a
colour which holds me ‬
‪Till the sky is clear‬

‪- no‬tyet100


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Abhishek Sharma 21 NOV AT 19:24

What if I tell you "The whole world is GRAY, the future you pursue is not more than white bones quest to decay. The bare consequences of your actions deserve lot more than apologies and despite knowing all you won't listen, you won't listen cause "THE MOST GLORIOUS ONES WERE LEGENDS AND THE REST, ASHES OF TIME", right ??.


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Athri Thonger 13 OCT AT 12:03

~The Gray Tempest~

The pain u cause me was like a tempest,
In the season of fall.

Gray I shade like the golden leaves shades.

But I make sure that I will bloom again with new self

Which will enliven me for the next another tempest.


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"सैरंध्री" 12 OCT AT 21:18

A Nobel man was still breathing,

behind his Gray shades....


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Anna Bell 29 SEP AT 21:47

Gray, the colour
which makes
all beauty
to grave.


#gray 😎😂

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Sarthak Vats 15 JUL AT 2:16


Scariest is the different shades of known,
For they strike with a knowing uncertainty,
The black and the white residing in the same canvas,
In turn, painting the picture gray.

Less is the prevalence of unknown being daunting,
For it's like a blind turn on your road,
Speeding may come something bizarre
Or truly nothing at all.

The rainbow of gray surrounding the canvas of life,
For its the color apart from black and white,
Distinguishing us from the other shades of light.


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