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Joined 27 October 2017
Kumarpal YESTERDAY AT 12:39

A Poem For Budding Poets

You aren't just another human being,
You hold a pen that gives voice to the mute,
You have power to create worlds in minutes,
Each of your words ignite dying flames,
You slay your demons, silencing their wails.

You hold ruins of dead dreams in your heart,
Yet, you trudge through holding a lantern,
Leading others on journeys by your words,
Give your heart the freedom to create wonders.

Create verse that heals and scars in a line,
Create such wonders that never fall to ruin.
You, yes you can create a silent revolution
Where no one needs to filter their verse.


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Kumarpal YESTERDAY AT 21:30

You seem to have forgotten me.
You have false beliefs about me,
You will always be chasing me,
Remember I create & destroy in a jiffy.


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Kumarpal 18 AUG AT 15:34

I ain't someone who wants presents on my birthday, just your wishes are enough. Give me reasons to smile. Give me the gift of your presence, be it digitally or physically. I am thankful to all those who did so. You're loved, all of you. Please continue being so loving.


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Kumarpal 13 AUG AT 9:47

तुम आँखे बिछाए बैठी रहो,
और मैं भूल जाऊँ के तुम्हें मेरा इंतजार है।

तारों ने कहीं तुम्हें कैद तो नहीं किया ना?
तुम्हारी आँखों की चमक तारों को चुभती है।


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Kumarpal 12 AUG AT 15:06

There is an urge to write something. Yet, I just end up writing texts. Some for people I adore. Some to fellow creators of art. Some for people who mattered once. I fear treading on old wounds. Some remain mysteries on text, I enjoy unvelling them. There was a time I didn't hesitate texting. I do hesitate now. I have grown up now.

A few days ago, my closest buddy warned me to limit the people in my life. I wish I had done so before. I forgot how to breathe in peace, the past few years. Increasing people, decreasing time for myself. I came to a point where I wasn't myself. Everyday was a struggle. I am glad I began to value myself. We learn the hard way so did I.


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Kumarpal 10 AUG AT 21:14

As far as I know, there's not
enough love in this heart to
inundate the lake in yours.
Often, I wish we had not met,
unequal our love will remain.


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Kumarpal 10 AUG AT 20:57

कभी गोता लगाओ अपने अंदर,
देखो कितना मैल जमा रखा है।
अपने को ही कूड़ादान बना दिया,
उन तमाम हीन विचारों के लिए।


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Kumarpal 10 AUG AT 17:20

उड़ने के ख़्वाब तो है मगर मेरे पर गीले है,
इन आँखों की बरसात रुकती ही नहीं है।


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Kumarpal 9 AUG AT 20:46

कुछ अनोखा सा है तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ,
ना खून का नाता है, ना मोहब्बत का।


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Kumarpal 9 AUG AT 9:36

The Walk To Myself

Roads were many but none promised me home.
Destructible houses I built many,
stormy nights passed by all alone.
Emptiness I fell for, change made me feel secure.

There was once enough love in my heart,
to pour out cascades on those around me,
now, I have decided not to give it all,
filling my heart with this river of love.


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