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Kumarpal 18 HOURS AGO

The first raindrop journeys long distances,
over clouds blown by wind over deep blue seas,
It begins its journey as a drop in the mighty oceans,
The Sun pushes it up with its rays of great warmth.
The sky welcomes it with that soothing, cooling hug,
Finally packing it into the fluffy cotton ball clouds,
That then descends on your lips, urging me to kiss.


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Kumarpal 22 HOURS AGO

just like my dreary existence,
which never really bloomed.
I lost time hunting meaning
in the arms of deceiving love.
A love that didn't accept that
broken, patched up side of me.


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Kumarpal 21 MAY AT 18:46

A sea of people rushes through streets,
Each person absorbed in their worries,
That's the only factor unifying them all,
This is the city of dreams, Mumbai.


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Kumarpal 20 MAY AT 21:21

Oh but,
Late nights,
A beautiful novel
and her texts
were the drug
I never prepared
myself for.


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Kumarpal 19 MAY AT 21:51

Happy Birthday Anamika

A girl named "unnamed" has her birthday today. She is a wordsmith from beyond. The first time I read her, I was speechless. Sometimes, I don't know how to describe the beauty of her words. She's equally adept at both Hindi and English.

Anamika, your humility, affectionate replies and humour really uplift me. I share this wonderful bond of friendship with. Most of the time, you understand what my poems speak. It's some kind of telepathic connection, I guess.

May God Bless you,

Your friend,


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Kumarpal 18 MAY AT 22:06

How many days before my tears tear down your walls?


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Kumarpal 17 MAY AT 22:05

Sister: Bro, you will find "her" soon



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Kumarpal 17 MAY AT 21:52

The one time I saw sunflowers
is still vivid in my mind's eyes.
The sun shining pouring down
the warmth of its love on them.
Its been a decade since this sight
made an image on my naked eye.
That drive up the hills of Kerala
left quite an impression on me.
I still sing praises of those green
hills covered with tea bushes
to those who wish to hear me.


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Kumarpal 17 MAY AT 16:30

The air I breathe is my reward
For all the trials I've faced in life.
These beautifully painted vistas
a divine gift of Almighty's grace.
The varied shapes and colours
that cover our skins, his grace.
Then what is not to be embraced?


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Kumarpal 16 MAY AT 22:30

We trudged up slopes
in search of beauty,
not noticing each other.


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