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Kumarpal 5 HOURS AGO

tiny threads of care
weaved into a sweater
warming up the innards
of two connected hearts.


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Kumarpal 22 HOURS AGO

Take few words,
make a sentence,
write a paragraph,
create some magic,
you've got a poem.


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Kumarpal 23 HOURS AGO

Another day came to me,
this time wearing a fur coat.
I asked him why he got that?
He told me that he came from
a place, draped in snow carpets.
I wondered why he still wore it.
I was about to ask him why,
when he told me that it snowed
in his bubble, which I can't see.
That's when I learnt that each
person has a different world,
what works for me, cannot
ever work for them at all.


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Kumarpal YESTERDAY AT 14:45

They ask me what I type.
I point them to a poem.
They shut their mouths,
while they wonder whom
am searching for, in words.


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Kumarpal YESTERDAY AT 14:22

I got back my poetry.

Hunting for it, again.


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Kumarpal YESTERDAY AT 21:28

A sheet of paper can be torn
in numerous shapes and sizes.
Tear yourself only a bit of it,
keeping too much, hurts more.


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Kumarpal 6 DEC AT 21:23

Another day is leaving,
this time it made me ill.
I have been hit by a bout
of cold, cough and weakness.
This is a message to me from
Nature, you're not invincible.
Life is about accepting, not
achieving, remember this.
Live, love, rise, fall, stagnate,
but, don't you stop being 'you'.


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Kumarpal 6 DEC AT 13:50

when I was seventeen. Till then, I hadn't written for myself. I had written essays and letters in exams. I wrote for survival, not, joy. I wrote for the first time on a typical summer afternoon. I was inside class and a notebook lay open. A pen in hand. Out flowed some words that talked of nature's sorry state. Share your first time in comments. Thanks.


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Kumarpal 4 DEC AT 9:51

Another day has come,
it tiptoes into my home.
I watch it with the excitable
impatience of a little kid,
observing its every step,
hopping, skipping beside it.
Yet, within, I know, its time
to strap on the boots and
walk a little to my dream.


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Kumarpal 4 DEC AT 9:40

तो दिल को राहत
का एहसास होता है,
और फिर एक बार
उड़ान भरने की
चाह जग उठती है।


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