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Diwa 14 JUL AT 21:07

Tiny corners and tiny nooks,
All for the riveting purpose
Of skimming and reading
Such wondrous books!
Little hearts and little smiles,
Breathing and swimming
To remain curiously alive--
How could you even own
Such beauteous eyes?



#Curiosity #diwa #yqbaba

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Diwa 10 JUL AT 21:24


Even when
You're at your lowest and weakest--
And you'd rather close
All those open doors and windows,




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Diwa 6 JUL AT 3:12

And to make matters worse,
I still needed you--
Even when I stopped wanting you.
Quite the little fool, wasn't I?


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Diwa 29 JUN AT 12:13

We proclaim
A bunch of vows
That, we know,
We couldn't keep;
We lie and pretend
That tomorrow's
Just around the bend--
Fully immersed
In the knowledge
That everything's
About to end.


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Diwa 28 JUN AT 0:08

See how the tidal wave recedes;
See how it carries
My ancient life out to sea,
Washing away the memories
Of you and me--
At last, setting us free.


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Diwa 26 JUN AT 22:31

"I can tell that this bizarre conversation
isn't going to end well;
so, please, let's just not go there."


ConvoToQuote: "Forewarning"

#Forewarning #ConvoToQuote #diwa #yqbaba

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Diwa 26 JUN AT 22:22

There are those
Who mean
The world to you
And you'd do anything,
To have them
In your life.

There are those
Who don't interest you
And naught
Can ever coerce you
To notice
What they do.

How ludicrous, it is,
That this planet
Could be so upside-down,
That we pine for those
Who cannot be ours
Whilst others move
Heaven and earth,
Just to make us smile.


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Diwa 26 JUN AT 15:49

"It's just another dreary day," she reminds herself, as she forces her body to get out of bed. "Nothing will happen today," she whispers, dejectedly, willing herself not to cry.



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Diwa 26 JUN AT 13:09

And if--and if,
This means
We may lose everything,
You'd still have me
And I'd still have you--
And I wish that alone,
Would keep us going
Until we pull this through;
Nothing's even worth
If I don't have you.



#Presence #diwa #yqbaba

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Diwa 25 JUN AT 17:48

Justice doesn't mean
Wearing a blindfold
Over one's eyes;
Because, fairness
Necessitates scrutinizing
Every known
And hidden crevice--
Creating decisions based
On what actually occurs
To all those involved,
Even to the ones
One does not like;
For, what happens, then,
When the assigned jurist
Opts to be purblind?
Then, he cannot perceive
The abject situation,
Gaping back at him,
To be acknowledged
And understood.
Real justice
Shouldn't be blind.


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