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At last, we were;
The whole world
Got blurred.


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We frolic through phases
Of bittersweet dance--
You steady my heart;
I fly.


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Tiny blessings
Found in hidden cul-de-sacs
That pepper my usual street.
A brief peek here,
A sudden glimpse there,
And oh! A little jewel
Playfully winks at me, I think,
And finally, finally,
I'm getting somewhere!


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Diwa 15 SEP AT 21:59

And then, suddenly,
It was all snuffed out;
As if a tropical storm
Came to take it away--
And you're left
At its insidious center,
Forced to make do
With the dilapidated remains
Of what could have been.


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Diwa 15 SEP AT 17:21

Don't attach strings
Where they aren't desired--
Or even needed.


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Diwa 15 SEP AT 17:12

She doesn't love you back--
It's as hurtful and as simple as that.


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Diwa 15 SEP AT 11:40

You are limited only
By your imagination--
Make yourself fly.


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Diwa 14 SEP AT 23:32

When trippin', trippin'
Becomes worth a-weepin',
One must step back
And realign
What one needs keepin'
And what one
Should be discardin'--
And, from there, appreciate
This new beginnin'.




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Diwa 14 SEP AT 23:10

I attempt to hide it--
Enshroud it
With the gossamer folds
Of my simpering heart;
Yet, it seeps into my eyes
And pours out of my skin.
I coax it to remain
Within the confines
Of my quivering soul;
Yet, the insistent thrum
Of its pullulating intensity
Crashes the disinterest
That I try to maintain.
Yes, I love you and--
Forgive me, darling--
I opt to curtail
This preposterous desire.

(So, goodbye, goodbye.
Yes, I see you but--


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Diwa 14 SEP AT 22:39

Woe to the woman
Who will love you
When I'm gone;
For she will live
In the constant pull
Of those ancient years.



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