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I'm not in the mood for any game
Nor am I seeking any name;
I'm not even looking for fame
Nor am I trying to be lame--
Am I getting closer to my aim?
Are you even feeling the same?



Yep. I know it's lame. Just.

#Wordplay #diwa #yqbaba

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Poot na nagniningas
At sigaw na pinipigilang lumabas;
Bibig na may busal
At mga kamay na pilit pumipiglas;
Lupang sinilangan
Na buong-pusong pinaglingkuran;
Pamahalaang mapang-api
At mga huwad na haring ganid
Sa yaman at kapangyarihan.
Ano na ang kahihitnatnan
Ng mga taong umaasa
Sa 'yong salat na awa't kabutihan?
Isang kandila na lamang ang natitira;
Maya't maya'y ubos na.


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Diwa 23 MAY AT 15:42

Not everyone is seeking a soulmate;
Some are merely striving to discover themselves.



#Rendezvous #diwa #yqbaba

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Diwa 23 MAY AT 14:15

Forgive yourself
For the inexorable imperfections
That achingly tarnish
Your perfectly constructed

Just like everyone else,
You're also human.


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Diwa 22 MAY AT 23:27

When hopelessness threatens
To hold thee captive
Within its bowels of zilch,
Thou need to cling on
To the promise of tomorrow--
Entrusting thyself to God.


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Diwa 22 MAY AT 21:26

And if,
By chance,
You find me
In your dreams;
Then, kiss me--
Oh, kiss me
And tell me
That this isn't
What it seems!


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Diwa 22 MAY AT 15:05

Ah! The love that remains
Unspoken and hidden
Behind furtive glances
Of persistent longing
And silent questions
Hanging in the air;
The pain that follows
Every parting moment
And the shy "I miss you!"
Whispered to the zephyr.


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Diwa 22 MAY AT 13:42

I find the message in your eyes--
The way it throbs and sparkles
Like spring and summer, combined;
Though, we prefer not to acknowledge it--
You, pretending that it isn't there;
Me, acting like I don't even care.



#Notification #diwa #yqbaba

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Diwa 20 MAY AT 17:59

And I shalt not demand you
To love me because I am Me;
I'd rather that you love me
Despite me being Me.


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Diwa 20 MAY AT 11:04

Paltry desires;
Peaceful life.


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