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Diwa 2 JUN AT 15:34

Children frolicking under the rain,
Laughing and dancing like they're insane;
Amid crippling disease and hunger,
Hearts bloom with hope and prayer;
The sky attempts to cleanse the land,
Bathing everyone with its tears.


Diwa 2 JUN AT 3:25

Love what you do;
If you cannot love it,
Don't do it.


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Diwa 26 MAY AT 0:42

People cry and scream
When pinions prick their skin,
Yet they remain mute
As they watch others bleed.


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Diwa 23 MAY AT 0:51

When all else fails and nothing good
Sways your current mood,
And only the darkness prevails;
When you're just so frustrated,
Feeling castrated,
And unsated;
When all the world's so full of words,
Yet none of them seems new, unheard,
Keep your head above all water
And your heart filled with wonder;
Let no one break your soul
Because, in the end,
That's all that'll ever matter.
You see, this evil may be forceful,
But God is much, much more powerful.


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Diwa 19 MAY AT 12:02

Then you tell me that you care,
Even when you don't;
Just because I was the one
Who dared to answer the phone.


"O Fool" (Awful)


#OFool #diwa #kwentongdiwa #yqbaba

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Diwa 19 MAY AT 10:02

And they expect you to pour out words
That're in line with their thoughts,
Forgetting that you're the writer,
Speaking about your world.


Diwa 16 MAY AT 21:53

Then, sometimes,
You drown me with words
And I'm forced to choke
On the very thing
That gives me life--
Attempting to breathe.


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Diwa 16 MAY AT 18:37

Way back when I was capable of love,
When grasses seemed evergreen
And naught looked dangerous nor bad;
Way back back when I was whole
And laughter was what adorned my soul.
Way back when we were free
To swim through the raucous waves,
To ride through the busy highways,
To sing the soothing songs of auld,
To live life to the fullest,
To run through the fields of gold.
Way back when you were still you;
Way back when I was still me.


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Diwa 14 MAY AT 21:04



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Diwa 14 MAY AT 16:03

Waiting for the boss's call--
Skin tingling
And butterflies wriggling.
Hoping against hope
That he won't.


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