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//Holy Father//

READ FULL POEM IN CAPTION ‼️ Heaven was sold to me In scriptures and rituals And I bought it every Sunday When I went to your house to pray. I prayed and begged for forgiveness from you But this time I did something even you cannot undo. Father, why didn't you tell me that a sin could feel so good? When I was lonely and surrounded by dark I was asked to follow my heart Only this time it took me the place you forbade And my fruit was there waiting bright as sunshine singing aubade. The sins I committed there didn't rise from between my legs but from somewhere deep within my heart. And so I happened to burn every facade. I've bowed my head and crossed my heart In front of you a thousand times But father, when the tip of my tongue experienced his warmth That was when I felt truly Divine And father, i hope you're not eager to cast me into hell. But I'll live happily forever, if that is where my lover dwells. And Father, if this is the sickness, then I need no cure I'd rather lay in his arms dirty and impure. #yqbaba #yqdidi #love #sin #pride #gay #poetry #mypoetry

Why Discrimination between LGBT?
Who are we to judge them?

They are normal as us. They don't need any medical treatment people who think that they need a medicine...but the reality is that the people who think so are suffering from the mental illness. The moment when we make fun of them they die little inside. They want only our love and support. 

If my friend is gay or bisexual I don't have any shame. They know how strong my friendship is and I just want to tell them I love you to the moon and back. No matter what I will always protect and support you. Apart from all theses Doe's and not Doe's , wrong and right, there is a place called humanity. Be human first. 
LGBT stands for "Life Get Better Together"


*ye pyar hai janab baatne se badhta hai..baat kr Toh dekho bada sukkun milta hai" I have so many friends you fall in this category.. They are bisexuals and gays....they inspires me the most. They taught me how to be happy when you are facing the worst. They tell me the real meaning of happiness. They are damm funny and hanging with them is like..very awesome. I respect you all and love you all..you all mean the world to me. Itne talented hai ye kya btau😍 #pridemonth #lgbt #yqbaba #lesbian #bisexual #gay #transgender #humanity

They called me pervert,
when I used to stare girls.
They called me gay,
 when I stopped staring girls.

The dual standards of society will judge you for everything and no matters if you cares for the society or not, the society never cares. Just accept the fact that you can't make everyone happy. A fat person is told to lose weight while a skinny person is told to gain weight. A guy with girlfriends is called a playboy while a guy with no girlfriend is called a failure. A person who is extrovert is said to mind his own business while a guy who is introvert is advised to be social. A girl who wears shorts is called a whore while a girl who wears traditional dress is advised to dress impressively. If you try to be what others want you to be, you'll lose your uniqueness and you'll be something like a machine. Just be yourself and do what you want . #blackpages #girls #gay #society #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqtales #yqquotes