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"We don't have ears 😁"

Now, the walls could say the most random things like, "I saw you naked." Or "You can't sing or dance. I think you should stop before I break and you're homeless." Or they'd pity you because you're really lonely and come to hug you and you'd feel suffocated? Woo just got a lil dark there. :P You do you. Use #WallsTalk NOTE: Hashtags are super duper important. So use relevant hashtags. If you're responding to any challenge, make you're using the specific one mentioned in the captions. It increases your discoverability. #collab Challenge #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba #follow

EK Roz mohabaat kr jaainge

not that much perfect😅 try #audioquote #mohabbat #voicenote #feelings #yqvoice #yqbaba #follow