He proposed her his devil heart,
She refused

He proposed her his fake promises,
She refused

He finally proposed the acid,
Even God can't help her refuse

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The acid scars over her face reminds her insanity of his love or cruelty of this world outside, where a girl has no right to raise her voice. A man can demand his likes And refuse what he dislikes, but a girl has to accept what they were being provide. 'The acid was a gift for her she has to accept Her beauty was her fault She has to confess' I just wanna know how long this society gonna play this way Blame the skirt for being raped? 'It was her fault she was out at night A monster was hidden in human sight.' Tha day will come when pepper spray will be dominant over lipsticks The day will have its own instincts. Sir, respect the ladies before its too late What if your daughter get treated with same fate? You are called as men, you all mean something You mean to pay your debt to the woman who brought you on this land The women out there are same They are like your sister for whom you took oath every year to protect They are like you with just a gender difference. #YQbaba #YQdidi #tpmd #truth #hisdiary #acidattacks #feminist #society #yqtales #YQtales

19 JUL AT 13:34

We "Men" are a part of Wo(men),
We "Male" are a part of Fe(male),

And S(he) exists that's why (He) exists.
Love, Respect, Care and don't you dare.


17 JUL AT 0:27