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ak _dg Ahmed 27 MINUTES AGO

Meri Khawahishein bhi kitni ajeeb si hai
Usse pane ki tammana hai jo
khud ka hi na hua kabhi...

Meri usse sehar jane arzu hai
jaha se laut kar koi ata nahi kabhi..

Mere armaano ki koi bandish nahi hai
phir tere khwaabon k ilawa yeh jata
nahi kahi kabhi..


Vikas Agrawal Bindal AN HOUR AGO

Set Your Goals Then Do Hard Work Daily And Every Night Time Visualise Your Every Goal Because Law Of Attraction is More Powerful Method For Fullfill Your All Big Dreams.


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दिव्या शर्मा AN HOUR AGO

Mirror, evince the wrath's eye to me,
wash the bane of "Thanatos" from off my gore,
forge my snippet of soul;
back me up to be whole again.

Dream, cast me into silhouettes of "Pablo's"canvas,
shield my skin with "Saturn's" Incandescing rings,
arrant my songs of "Mozart";
back me up to be whole again.

Time,drive me back to the "Iris's" home,
spot my shadows near the "Seyfert's " glow,
fathom my riddles;
back me up to be whole again.

Love,evanesce the "Stygian"from my vault,
endow the azure sky of "Zeus"to me,
walk me to the hues of rainbow;
back me up to be whole again.

Coz.. I'm only a waning quail,
wish to be a "phoenix" again..


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R.D. Solanki AN HOUR AGO

Life is like Race maintain your speed according to track


Raj Kishor 2 HOURS AGO

मुझे मेरे वो ख्वाब बहुत अजीज है,
जिस ख्वाब में तुम सिर्फ और सिर्फ मेरी होती हो ! चाहे वो ख्वाब खुले आंखों से देखु या
बंद आंखों से !


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Suparas Jain 2 HOURS AGO

मेरी मंज़िल की तस्वीर दिखाते हैं ।


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