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A book in a library is not kept to be clean and unexplored, it is meant to be read, memorised and the lessons in it to be marked well before it is torn and turned into debris. Someone is always assigned to carry its story forward and traverse time. You, my love, are a book too.


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I won't be able to write from the grave, so let me tell you what I love:

Purple tulips, lilacs, lilies, daisies, dandelions, the last hue that the sky wears before the sun finally goes down, auroras, teensy birds, hills, mountains, valleys, forests, poetic cities, California, Paris, New Zealand, Seoul, Sana, Anamika, Cyrus, Maa, my father, my younger siblings, Arunida, Nida, Pratik, Nayanika, my butterflies and poems, pretty stories, countryside, country songs, and the most important thing, my relationship with God.


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We all have this habit of focusing on what's tragic in our lives because that's the easiest way to get someone's attention or make someone relate to our misery. That's how sympathy eventually turns into affection. But, this little habit may create bigger problems in life later, when there's nothing left to say and your hunger for love isn't still satisfied.

That's why, it's so important to give yourself credits for your little achievements. It's so important to remind yourself that you are something even if it just means you made someone's day by being kind.

Count your achievements from today. No matter how small. You waking up on time, you eating healthy, you thinking positive, you handling a situation calmly, you winning in a poetry competition, you having the courage to sign up for one, you taking care of your family, you continuing to go forward in your journey: include everything.

You aren't as insignificant as you think about yourself. Look carefully, somewhere somehow you too have nurtured many lives.


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In this lifetime, you won't find many people who would look beyond your vices and laugh your mistakes away; who would make you feel so special that you would forget to question your worth; who would put you first in their life and remind you over and over how important you are to them. And if you can't protect them because of your limitations, or if you think pushing them away is the best you can do, you are at a great loss. Do not give someone who gave you their all a reason to walk away quietly. Nothing fills the gap of a missed chance at an honest relationship. A loving friend is worth a thousand inner wars, a million fleeting priorities.


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There's something inexplicable

about lemonade, songs of Camila Cabello
and you
in a dimly-lit empty room;

I almost connect the dots scattered
on the floor and make a
painting out of it,

Almost like Van Gogh's starry nights
Or Monet's water lilies.

It's times like this you change my mind,
I believe I am not hard to love.

You make the idea of love making a home
in the empty spaces of my heart
seem so easy.

It's times like this I almost betray my silence
and announce it out loud to the world that

...I am in love with you.


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Life's nature is to twist and turn, do not be too surprised by the uncertainty. Navigate through it all like a skilled sailor, tread through the inevitable storms and reach your destiny. A believer's mind can take you to the places no hesitant and fearful mind ever can.


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