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#cricket quotes

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Rana Swapan Sarkar 24 FEB 2018 AT 23:29

Just like cricket,
if you're able to hear the commentary,
you aren't in the field & playing!


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YQ Memes 24 NOV 2018 AT 9:02


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Arjun Bhatia 3 JAN 2019 AT 13:44

I am a practising writer


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Sanjay Sudheendran 27 JUN 2019 AT 21:15


Last ball of cricket worldcup, last batsman got his first chance to bat
couldn't balance himself at the crease as he was too fat
The bearded long-hair bowler came running like a wild beast
and fancied his chances of a hat-trick-wicket feast
when the batsman shook pissing in his pants like a pussycat

A bat from heavens above flew fiercely towards his feared eyes
and he took his eyes off the bowler and stared at the skies
You may call it luck or hook or crook, but please take another look
He swung his bat so hard and played a shot totally out of the book
The ball goes soaring for a six and the hurt bat - far away it flies

Crowd goes crazy as they cheer the lightning last-ball win
With some blood on his bat, the batsman ponders his sin
The bat cries in pain as it could no longer bat an eyelid
As the batsman wonders if it was all worth the bid
he is lifted and celebrated by his team, kith and kin


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Shreya Shukla 鉂 24 NOV 2018 AT 15:20

Market se saamaan le aa

Apne liye bhi kuch khareed lena


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YQ Memes 23 MAR 2019 AT 17:03


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Aman Srivastava 7 JUL 2019 AT 11:31

Happy birthday...
I dont love you...
Because of your...
But i love you must...
For your behaviour...
Calmness, optimistic...
Nature, a true family man...
Respect motherland and army...
He is my ideal...After my...
Parents and teachers...


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If life is a cricket match..
Then I'm d/L method..
No one can understand..
Even I can't.. 馃檮馃槀


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Nancy Verma 16 JUN 2019 AT 10:38

When I say bye to my friend

When my crush looks at me


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Jatin Aswal 7 AUG 2017 AT 21:00

Home to me is what those 6 sixes are to Yuvraj Singh.


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