She's Gone Why ? The Other Guy Won Why ? 
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He still remembers the Day when he saw her first time, The feelings for her are never gonna die. He thought He was important to her, But again she did something like he was no one to her. He knew all the things about her and the other guy who was into her, But He remained silent and trusted her after seeing a lot of unwanted incidents still He fell for Her. One Day He saw something which he was not supposed to see , Whatever He Saw that Morning was telling a different story. This time She started Blame Game insulted the guy and Left, The guy got choked when she proved herself she is the victim and he is suspect. Without doing anything the other guy won the battle The other guy showed her the virtual image of guy and she got settled. She's gone The guy will always remember the precious moments he spent with her, But After seeing this he won't trust any girl. The Feelings for her will remain same, But she doesn't need him in her life game. Again He Lost her after trying so hard, But no one gives a fuck about what he has done so far. #idecidedtodoherfavthing♥️ #heknowseverything #ishani #phonecallwhilegoingtowardsmetro #frequentlymeeting #muchmorethingsiknowabouther #nogrudges #Youmaygo #itwasmyselfrespectnotegoorattitude #shebrokemylimits #shebrokemytrust #thanksyouwillalwaysremaininmyHeart♥️ I Don't Love You I Love the One Who I Saw First Time You're Not That One You're Someone Else She Was Far Better You ♥️ #thesemomentswillalwaysmakemecry #ccd #hide&seek #conversations #muchmore Have a Great Life Ahead ♥️


Whatever I learned in journey of my childhood 
Whatever I know is it incoming? 
Seems like those faded years of childhood that going away or the golden days
Away in some dilemma,
Always in some confusion, in the purpose of life. Stay focused don't lose hope for the bright future waiting for us.

Sorry Hitul Yadav for misunderstanding it thankyou for nominating me. Futher i nominate my besties Rupam and Utsaband Manisha ma'am 😊 #yourquotes#YQbaba #dilemma#life#childhood#conversations#questions

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