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#brothersisterlove quotes

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Sisira Sivaraj 9 FEB AT 9:06


Brother for Sale!😑


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Simran Mishra 17 MAY AT 23:33

Love uh bhai


Best quote forever ..

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ishra 🍁 Ahmed 10 OCT AT 19:14

Bhai behen k rishte jesa koi pyaar nehi hota
jhgre to bohot hote he par kabhi izhar nehi hota...


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Ünnati Agarwal 28 DEC 2018 AT 18:03

What's Special?
When someone remembers the
little details about me..
When someone asks for nothing
but to see smile on my face.....
When someone understands
my changing mood....
When someone tries to look
my efforts and my situations......
When someone scolds like
Mom to take care....
That makes me smile in my soul😊
That makes me feel special💕


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👑Dïkshä Thäkür 14 AUG AT 18:19

क्या कहुं मैं उन भाईयों के लिए
जिनका रिश्ता भी अजीब होता है
जिनका प्यार एक तरफ और मार एक तरफ
जो बहनों के लिए किसी से भी लड़ जाते हैं
पर हां कभी कहते नहीं
कि प्यार भी कितना करते हैं वो हमसे ।
Happy Raksha Bandhan


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 26 AUG 2018 AT 0:40

Happy Raksha Bandhan
To the favourite partner in crime
To the ghost story teller
To the legal theif of personal stuffs
To the feelings shareholder
And to the Tom of a Jerry.


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Aman Srivastava 15 AUG AT 8:15

Love motherland as much you love your mother...
Aur ladkiyon plz kisi ko jabardasti...
Rakhi mat bandh dena...
Bhut dukh hota h...🤣🤣🤣


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Priyanka Rathi 3 MAY 2018 AT 10:00

Agone,Whenever he
sees her hairs on flooring
he used to tease her.

Now, Her baldness makes him cry.

- A cancer patient brother


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STuPiD sOUl 5 AUG AT 7:24

#Mera Bhai #Meri Jaan

Jo ek injection lgwane se bhi drta tha😛
Wo aaj mere liye hr musibbat se tkrata h....
Jo baar baar dfaa ho chilata tha😔
Wo aaj har mod pr mera saath nibhata h...


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PraGati PaNdeý 24 MAY AT 14:42

Happy brothers day Bhaiya 😊😊

आपको उदास होने की ज़रूरत नहीं है😍😍 मैं हूँ ना आपकी बहन🤗🤗


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