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She was hard to handle, but not in a bad way, her emotions were too strong on every sense;she was a broken beauty. Her weakness was her strength. She use to bring smiles on sad faces.she use to dance in the rain.she was silly she was naughty yet she was intelligent in her own way.everyone falls in love with her,meeting her once.Her life was full of sacrifices,she took everything with a smile on her face . this time she was fallen in love with a boy younger than her.he was the one who felt the emptyness within her.he tried to make her live.she felt happyfor the first time.she loved him madly.Her love was pure and soulful.until the day one of her friend told her that she is spoiling his life,loving him madly.that was the last day they were together.they gaveup on their beautiful relationship.eventually she came to know that ,that friend of her was jealous of their love because he was interested in her.she left everyone.once again life played game with her.lovelorn she remained. #yqbaba# #yqlove #yqtales#yopowrimo#lovelorn#jealousy#broken beauty#