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Megha Vyas
16 AUG AT 11:15

Happiness Visited Me when I first saw Him!
In His presence I gotta sight to see Beautiful things in Me.
With Time My soul found a reason to Stay in His Smile,
To Grow in His Mind and To Shower Love in His Heart !!

When we're Together,
There might be no wind blowing our Hair,
But a miracle every Here & There.
There's no music playing in the background,
But surely a Blessing surrounding all around!



2 JAN AT 23:40

जिंदगी का सफ़र कुछ यूँ आसां कर लिया
अपने सफ़र का तुझे हमसफ़र बना लिया



2 FEB AT 19:45

You don't glean it, do you?
You don't descry it.
Yet, you're a genuine blessing--
The cream of my pie;
And, the apple of my eye.
Yes, I'm too cliched;
But, isn't that the nub?
Sometimes, the humdrum
Is what we really yearn for--
The blanket of monotony;
The essence of sanctuary;
The veil of familiarity;
And the cognizance
That we are adequate--
Craved and needed, like this.


"You're A Blessing"
#blessing #diwa #yqbaba


Shraddha Sharma
3 JUL 2017 AT 1:23

Where everyone was cursing her for being infertile there was someone who loved her and accepted her infertility as a blessing, blessing because not everyone has a chance to do such courageous work of adopting orphan kids, loving them, helping them grow as they were their own.



Sahil Bhardwaj
14 AUG 2017 AT 10:22

I was your blessings
but you were my curse,
I was adorning you
but you were devouring me.

I was your cheers
but you were my gloom,
I was gladdening you
but you were ailing me.

I was your cure
but you were my disease,
I was saving you
but you were killing me.

I was your lover
but you were my enemy,
I was loving you
but you were betraying me....



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