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#birthdayquote quotes

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Arunima Gupta 2 JUL 2017 AT 2:50

Our bags are always heavier
on our way back.
Memories do weigh.


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Aranga Rajeeswar 16 JAN 2018 AT 11:34

Birthday wishes 🎂 that come from 11:55 PM to 12:15 AM are the real wishes.

All the other wishes on that day are just by Facebook notifications 😏


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SIMRAN RAJ 12 NOV 2018 AT 8:21

दौड़ती हुई उम्र को क्या शाबाशी देना
जब जिंदगी ही कहीं थम-सी गई हो


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Chirag Macwana 18 JUN AT 15:36

हमें कंधों पर बिठाने वाले हाथ न जाने अब कहां खो गए
अभी हमारा बचपन गया भी नहीं और हम जवां हो गए


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Bisma Mattoo 19 JUN AT 17:07

Happy birthday to me .
I'm 18 now
but same old me
(silly and childish) .
I couldn't image
a better day than this
and this is all cause
I got friends like you .
I just want to thank
every single person
who made my day
more beautiful
and colourful .
I love you guys ...


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Chandra Patel 6 JUN 2018 AT 15:13

I Was Eagerly Waiting For This Day,
Guess What???
It's My Happy Happy Birthday 🎂
Though I'm A Year Older Now,
But Still The Child In Me Is Getting Younger 😋
No Matter Whatever My Age Will Be
I'll Always Be Excited For This Day Like
A Lil Girl... 💃❤️❤️


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Rupal Singh 2 DEC 2018 AT 0:02

भोली-भाली सूरत है और प्यारी सी मुस्कान
दिल की है मासूम मग़र मीठी छूरी सी ज़ुबान
चंचल सी हैं आँखें तेरी तू है थोड़ी शैतान
पर मेरी राजकुमारी तू तुझमें बसती मेरी जान।
Happy birthday 🎂 princu😘


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AYUSHREE 9 AUG 2018 AT 11:13

खुशियाँ हमेशा तुम संग रहे
तू अपने जीवन में खूब तरक्की करे
ईश्वर तेरा दामन ढेर सारी सौगातों से भरे

इसी कामना के साथ जन्मदिन की बहुत बहुत
शुभकामनाए princess


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Suparna Das 3 MAY AT 0:37

When is your Birthday?


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Ayen Gomez 30 OCT 2018 AT 9:13

33 years ago,
I met the strongest
Woman I know at the age
Of 15,
And the most responsible
Man at the age of 17,
They're my mom and dad.

They may not be the most
Perfect parent,
But they're able to raised me
To be the person I am right now,

This special day doesn't
Exist without them.

And every time I celebrated my
Birthday I salute them,
Their courage and sacrifice to have me.
And I'm so blessed for having them as my parent.


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