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Joined 23 June 2019
21 NOV 2022 AT 19:06

The character
can be shy and
innocent outside
But dark inside..


11 NOV 2022 AT 21:36



4 NOV 2022 AT 18:24

the city..
Which holds all our pictures..

It's better to leave the lanes
Which if full of your memories..

It's better to leave these today..
So that..
I can pour out my heart tonight..
And start tomorrow afresh..


2 NOV 2022 AT 18:55

She was reading a book and he was lying down beside her watching her silently. She suddenly turned and asked "What are you looking at??".
"I am looking at a beauty who is exploring another beauty.." he replied..
She smiled shyly..


27 OCT 2022 AT 0:36

Agr koi ladki aapse acche se baat kare.. then don't take her to be granted.. don't think that she likes you and will spend her life with you..
friendship naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai and uski bhi apni zindagi hoti hai..

Pls try to understand her and respect her..

Dedicated to all my followers especially the male followers..


25 OCT 2022 AT 15:32

बनके तो देखिये..

किसी की खुशियों में..
शामिल होके तो देखिये..

उनके और आपके..
दोनों के झोली में थोड़ी
ज़्यादा ही खुशियाँ मिलेंगी..


13 OCT 2022 AT 0:09

There's no other
person in the whole
universe who can
comfort you the way
that you would want
to be comforted
except for you....


5 OCT 2022 AT 12:58

"वो" लौट आये हैं..
पर "वो".. वो नहीं हैं..
जो ५ साल पहले गए थे..
समझ नहीं आ रहा..
मिलने की खुशी मनाऊं
या बिछड़ने का ग़म..


19 SEP 2022 AT 23:23

When boys get jealous..
It's kind of cute..

But when girls get jealous..
It's the starting of World War 3..


16 SEP 2022 AT 16:44

Not everyone has the faith to enjoy this moment..

Not everyone gets their true love..
Only the very lucky ones get it..

Keep it close to your heart
if u ever get it..


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