Language Festival 2018




We need to balance through the combined conscious states of the heart and mind..



Happiness and sadness are two different worlds and we are in a constant shift between these two worlds.

When you are  happy, you see a fellow smile and laughter that are brightly carved on someone's lips. However, you see beyond that rainbow when you're on the other  side of happiness. It's when you are blue when you see what a wound is really all about. You learn to understand it's magnitude no matter the depth of it.

Discover what you could see when you're in pain; 
what you could touch when you're in pain;
what you could accomplish when you're in pain.

It is in our instinct to always avoid pain: it is unpleasant whenever we fall in it.
But it is when we're in pain when we learn our lessons the most. That's the beauty of pain: it teaches us, it makes us grow.

Just like in physical therapy, we are the patient standing on a wobble board: we need to find balance. And everything will turn out fine. #yqbaba #quote #life #lifequotes #balance