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Yash Sharma 22 JUN AT 22:04

Afraid of the truths which have made me feel like a ghost,
Beyond all those sins that I have lived throughout the most.

Nothing seems right to me as my memories are being scattered,
Beneath the open sky I wish all those lights mattered.

Murmurs of all the fairy tales of a dark ghastly soul,
Are burning my beliefs with the fire inside a coal.

I was lifeless and I knew one day it would end,
Looking back and I rest down the journey I began.


Yash Sharma 5 APR AT 16:07

बेहती हुई नींदों में, वो पुराने सपने हैं तो सही;
कोई ले आए नयी मोहब्बत अगर, तो क्या बात है ||

बदला ही तो है उसने एक और महल नया,
आवाज़ बन कर मैं ना गूंजूं, तो क्या बात है ||

ये नयी सियासत है, तो भी कुबूल है मुझे,
तुझसे जीत ही जाऊं मैं अगर, तो क्या बात है ||


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Yash Sharma 22 MAR AT 11:15

You fought with me all those thoughtless battles,
I wish I could change how those stories rattles.

Beneath the passion there was a lie we addressed,
We were faking the reality with the shadow of depressed .

Yet we lifted together all those fallen attires,
Could we have it again, our thousand desires?


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Yash Sharma 22 FEB AT 8:08

In a subtle tint of blue and black,
Who knew one day he'd choke alone.

A breath he took and stayed aback,
Shred all his heart with a squinching moan.

Trying to fill the empty sack,
He burnt down all the hollow bones.

The buried-one, he wished to catch,
All to find the real, among the clones.


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Yash Sharma 27 JAN AT 0:30

Just like the small ripples,
That you created and now,
I don't exist.
It's Hard to tell if it's wind or is it rain?
Like the moment when I had to,
let you go.


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Yash Sharma 19 JAN AT 22:15

It's a long way out,
I resist yet I rewind.
I'm the one with the doubt,
only a star that'll shine.
I'll never meet the promise,
I'll crumble all the time.
It's a blank space I fill,
With the shadows of the crime.


Yash Sharma 13 JAN AT 5:42

With every morning it drifted away,
And the silence scratched the ears to call,
No flowers to bloom in the spring of may,
I found her weeping behind the wall.

I never knew it could all be grey,
When she screamed aloud "no mercy at all".
A hole she dug to swallow the bay,
All the memories shed into a waterfall.


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Yash Sharma 26 DEC 2019 AT 8:22

Fighting all my battles
One at a time.
Writng down the stories again,
With the pieces i combine.

The dreams my eyes will never see ,
Makes me wonder how I looked before.
In those mornings I will never be ;
In my better place anymore !

I don't know where I'll rest my agony..
The place where i will never belong !
The sleepless nights could never go..
I'd still listen to my favorite song.


Yash Sharma 7 DEC 2019 AT 0:24

I remember when she closed her eyes,
And the night started to shine.

She made me dream of the blue pages,
With the morning, she became mine.


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Yash Sharma 3 DEC 2019 AT 23:47

The story that they told was just about the light,
Holding candle in her hands she was clearing what's inside.

She laughed at him, who came to stop the mourning of the ash,
With bleeding eyes she looked below what's broken in the trash.

A step ahead she jumped into the endless sky beneath,
To be free again and to tell them all that she too used to breath.



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