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Yash Sharma 26 SEP AT 1:01

After moving all over I'm Stuck in the prison,
Can't figure it out maybe I do not have a vision.

I do not hear the voices and the songs of the sea,
Maybe it isn't the place where I'm supposed to be.

I need to move and pick a fight just to break the wall.
It breaks me more often than the days that I recall.

These scars and the battles now make me feel better,
The story that I wrote damn, I could not find my letter.

I'm getting rid of the thought that forces me to sink,
To lay down and hold on for a moment just to think.


Life gives you choices.
#yqquotes #yqbaba

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Yash Sharma 9 MAR AT 23:21

May be I am just lost, to someone I've never known.
Maybe it's just the thought, that forces me to let it go.

Now, i crave for the momemts that were once surrounding me.
The flashbacks of those mornings, the time that was bounding me.

This agony makes me worthy, to make it right once again.
Run through and free my spirit trapped in this fear chain.


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Yash Sharma 18 JAN AT 22:13

यह जिंदगी अब मुझसे यूं लड़ती कहां है
उस दीये में रखी मोम अब पिघलती कहां है !

वो आवाजें तो आज भी सुनाई देती हैं मगर
मेरे दिल में छुपी वो यादें अब मचलती कहां हैं !

शायद मुझे याद है वो रात जब खोया था मै
हकीकत की वो चाबी मुझे मिलती कहां हैं!

ये गुनाह ही तो है की यहां आज़ाद हूं मैं
कैद कर सके जो आंखें; यहां मिलती कहां हैं !


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Yash Sharma 11 DEC 2018 AT 10:24

You are all around me, wherever I be,
It is hard to forget, whatever I see.
Is it in my dreams or is it a miracle?
I wish you were just my half drawn circle.

Every Step I take kills something forever,
The first time we met and the sound of that river,
I keep running away with my feet turning purple,
I wish you were just my half drawn circle.

Kept watching the dance of joy and grief,
I rubbed the sore, to make it weep.
All slipped through my hands as slow as a turtle,
I wish you were just my half drawn circle.


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Yash Sharma 28 NOV 2018 AT 18:51

It's always the night that gives some relief,
It has been more igniting to have such believes.
The light always plays with the memories of my past,
And the journey is written on the petals that lasts.
It is better to be helpless and never sleep,
Than digging for the answers submerged in the Deep.
You lose the site and the pieces will melt,
The lessons you learnt and the grief you felt.


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Yash Sharma 2 OCT 2018 AT 6:12

मुक्तसर मुलाकातों पर ऐतबार अब कहां होता है,
इन ऊंचे मकानों में उनका घर अब कहां होता है ।।
यह सिर्फ एक ख्वाब है जो अधूरा ही अच्छा है,
इस जमीन पर उनके पैरों का निशां अब कहां होता है।।


Yash Sharma 24 JUL 2018 AT 1:58

Somewhere between our regrets we are not able to live with ourselves.
we are not ready to tell the absolute truth we've been keeping inside.

It needs more depth with peers.

we carry a bag full of grief and dejection, and we keep that on our back and not in our inside pockets.

we become plastic, we keep running away...yet we never move on.


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Yash Sharma 20 JUL 2018 AT 23:06

All those rare moments,
I've ever been into the dark.

I saw my shadow escaping from a sweating tunnel.

A blind face crawling towards the colossus of the woods.

The water blazing the unusual lights into the sky.

Those leashes flying in the sky to catch the ones in despair.

All those trodden paths and mountains changing their shapes.

I heard my voice echoing among all those noises I have never heard.

I saw the next happening.


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Yash Sharma 4 JUL 2018 AT 0:36

ये जिन्दगी हर रोज एक नया कल दिखती है,
समय की ये नाव मुझे कुछ और दूर ले जाती है ।।

पैरों मे चुभते काँटे भी अब जख्म नही देते मुझे,
मीठे शब्दों में छिपी आग फिर क्यों मुझे जलाती है ।।

इस समंदर की लहरों में डूब कर निकला हूँ मैं,
हर बूंद मुझे अब यूँ मेरे घर सी नज़र आती है।।


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Yash Sharma 29 JUN 2018 AT 23:04

उनकी तलाश मे ये आँखे कुछ यूँ भटकती हैं,

कई अजनबी हमें उनसे नज़र आते हैं।

जब नही मिलता कोई निशां उन पामाल रास्तों पर,

आरज़ू के वो टुकड़े अमर हो जाते हैं।


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