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Yash Sharma 19 JAN AT 22:15

It's a long way out,
I resist yet I rewind.
I'm the one with the doubt,
only a star that'll shine.
I'll never meet the promise,
I'll crumble all the time.
It's a blank space I fill,
With the shadows of the crime.


Yash Sharma 13 JAN AT 5:42

With every morning it drifted away,
And the silence scratched the ears to call,
No flowers to bloom in the spring of may,
I found her weeping behind the wall.

I never knew it could all be grey,
When she screamed aloud "no mercy at all".
A hole she dug to swallow the bay,
All the memories shed into a waterfall.


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Yash Sharma 26 DEC 2019 AT 8:22

Fighting all my battles
One at a time.
Writng down the stories again,
With the pieces i combine.

The dreams my eyes will never see ,
Makes me wonder how I looked before.
In those mornings I will never be ;
In my better place anymore !

I don't know where I'll rest my agony..
The place where i will never belong !
The sleepless nights could never go..
I'd still listen to my favorite song.


Yash Sharma 7 DEC 2019 AT 0:24

I remember when she closed her eyes,
And the night started to shine.

She made me dream of the blue pages,
With the morning, she became mine.


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Yash Sharma 3 DEC 2019 AT 23:47

The story that they told was just about the light,
Holding candle in her hands she was clearing what's inside.

She laughed at him, who came to stop the mourning of the ash,
With bleeding eyes she looked below what's broken in the trash.

A step ahead she jumped into the endless sky beneath,
To be free again and to tell them all that she too used to breath.


Yash Sharma 1 DEC 2019 AT 17:30

The tears of my scars, are turning into stars,
I can claim and I can fight for the nights that were ours.

Beyond and beneath there's a little space for light,
I can see it through the distance when we both used to fight.

I can read it through my skin, and it's all written in red,
I don't know why I feel this pleasure in the pain instead.


Yash Sharma 26 SEP 2019 AT 1:01

After moving all over I'm Stuck in the prison,
Can't figure it out maybe I do not have a vision.

I do not hear the voices and the songs of the sea,
Maybe it isn't the place where I'm supposed to be.

I need to move and pick a fight just to break the wall.
It breaks me more often than the days that I recall.

These scars and the battles now make me feel better,
The story that I wrote damn, I could not find my letter.

I'm getting rid of the thought that forces me to sink,
To lay down and hold on for a moment just to think.


Life gives you choices.
#yqquotes #yqbaba

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Yash Sharma 9 MAR 2019 AT 23:21

May be I am just lost, to someone I've never known.
Maybe it's just the thought, that forces me to let it go.

Now, i crave for the momemts that were once surrounding me.
The flashbacks of those mornings, the time that was bounding me.

This agony makes me worthy, to make it right once again.
Run through and free my spirit trapped in this fear chain.


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Yash Sharma 18 JAN 2019 AT 22:13

यह जिंदगी अब मुझसे यूं लड़ती कहां है
उस दीये में रखी मोम अब पिघलती कहां है !

वो आवाजें तो आज भी सुनाई देती हैं मगर
मेरे दिल में छुपी वो यादें अब मचलती कहां हैं !

शायद मुझे याद है वो रात जब खोया था मै
हकीकत की वो चाबी मुझे मिलती कहां हैं!

ये गुनाह ही तो है की यहां आज़ाद हूं मैं
कैद कर सके जो आंखें; यहां मिलती कहां हैं !


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Yash Sharma 11 DEC 2018 AT 10:24

You are all around me, wherever I be,
It is hard to forget, whatever I see.
Is it in my dreams or is it a miracle?
I wish you were just my half drawn circle.

Every Step I take kills something forever,
The first time we met and the sound of that river,
I keep running away with my feet turning purple,
I wish you were just my half drawn circle.

Kept watching the dance of joy and grief,
I rubbed the sore, to make it weep.
All slipped through my hands as slow as a turtle,
I wish you were just my half drawn circle.


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