Think like a strategist and succed as a commander.....

#achieve what is meant to achieve and dream of what is worth dreaming of..... #goals....... #think WISE


Stop finding home in people 
Because home never say's " I am leaving. "

- Amit Rathi

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As the moments pass by, I remember these nights, When we used to fly, Like the winds in the sky, All the moments that we like, Are running side by side, Souls shining as they collide, And the lives coincide, As the moments pass by. Memories come with a price, Like the dreams struck in the Eyes, Believing all the lies, Living in the world of spies, No freedom,No ties, No enemies,No allies,No lovers, No wives, Been like this since I was five, Trying to survive life, To some back alive, Workout with all these lanes to abide by, I'm getting used to it, As the moments pass by. #life#moveon#love#survive#achieve