I feel gnawing on my ears and neck,
but see no scars.
Yes dear! your love bites, still.

Love-bites, love bites. #yqbaba#love_bites#triveni


किसी और के पन्ने सजाने को
दुनिया में आते हैं,
बेटियाँ हों या अलफाज़, छोड़ कर ही जाते हैं ।

* #daughters and #words are no different. In either case, you have to part with each other to fill a colourless page (or someone else's life ). So, be proud if you have a daughter. She is your 'word' ! *writing a #triveni: Triveni is a form of Hindi/Urdu poetry initiated by the poet Gulzar. Unlike sher, a triveni consists of three "hemistichs" (misras). The first two are complete in themselves but the addition of the third misra gives a new dimension. #बेटियाँ #yqdidi #yqbaba #emotionalquotes #life

23 FEB AT 18:27

वो जो बेवजह हक जताने की आदत थी ना
छोड़ दी है हमने..

क्या अब भी वापस नहीं आओगे....

देखो हम कितने समझदार हो गए, तुम्हारा इंतजार करते-करते .. #हक #triveni #yqbaba #yqdidi

22 FEB AT 22:27