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B Pinaki Ranjan
16 JUN 2017 AT 22:02

She gave him all her time.
He gave her all his time.
Jealous,Time didn't give them enough time.



Umang Bhandula
22 APR 2017 AT 13:50

Your handwritten letters
Your smiling photograph
Our favourite song

As a scientist, I may have failed to invent time-travel,
As a lover, not a day goes by that I don't experience it.


To what was and what could have been.
#time #travel #scientist #love


Imran Hassan Barbhuiya
30 MAR AT 2:43

'Everything has particular end but time has no end.'


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Debarpita Mohanty
10 AUG 2017 AT 20:37

It hurts. It rips your heart out. Blows your mind. Wrecks your nerve. Makes you believe that there's nothing left. You tell yourself, time heals everything. But the heart which has been crushed and chopped into several uneven pieces knows that time is just a sugarcoated myth. An excuse. And this time, like every time, time will fail. Then one day, even after countless eternities, when you will linger your fingers upon that ironically mended heart of yours, you will still find scars, rough and ugly, enough to reminisce and relive that pain.



Tanisha Pati
10 SEP 2017 AT 14:25

People say time-travelling is not possible.But everyday I travel through our past memories and our future dreams.Still the only limitation to my travelling is that I find it hard to return to my present.......



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