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"we don't write, poetry comes out when it wants"
Joined 12 May 2017

"we don't write, poetry comes out when it wants"
Joined 12 May 2017
B Pinaki Ranjan 10 MAY AT 16:58

never to fight, lie, steal; still, "steel like, you become, both strong and flexible"


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B Pinaki Ranjan 29 DEC 2019 AT 14:31

When I first heard the word "oxymoron" and didn't know its meaning, I thought that's what aliens would call us.


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B Pinaki Ranjan 27 DEC 2019 AT 23:55

Comebacks are hard after quitting,
But when the quitting wasn't your choice
Comeback feels like a dream
and I'm in one right now.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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B Pinaki Ranjan 7 JUN 2018 AT 22:26

Kaunsi tooth paste?


*Jay Baba raamdev


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B Pinaki Ranjan 20 MAY 2018 AT 9:00

Your absence
made me go hibernating,
But your apparent presence
kept me breathing.


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B Pinaki Ranjan 5 APR 2018 AT 0:03

J u s t l i s t e n
t o m y r a i s i n g
h e a r t b e a t s,f e e l
t h e t e m p e r a t u r e
o f m y s i g h s, s m e l l
t h e s c e n t o f L o ve
y o u 'v e s p r i n k led
o n m y l i f e , a n d
y o u ' ll l o v e
m e t h e
s a m e
d o


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B Pinaki Ranjan 3 APR 2018 AT 16:34

My love for you
swings from
to out of limit.


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B Pinaki Ranjan 1 APR 2018 AT 11:18

I found an angel in disguise,
fading in, fading out
on the edge of paradise.

With hope she looked
into my eyes,
I promised her, together we'll watch
every sunset
every sunrise.


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B Pinaki Ranjan 30 MAR 2018 AT 23:26

I was happy being just a tangent
Touching your circumference once.

You, oh! my dear
You stretched your arms as radius
Made me yours


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B Pinaki Ranjan 30 MAR 2018 AT 18:35

I see the tideless night,is in pain,
I hear her sweet and silent weep.
the gentle sound of falling rain,
make the lazy stars asleep
if the woeful moon cannot shine,

How on earth I'm gonna make you mine.


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