You can’t keep everyone happy

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Once there was a girl living in a small town. She belonged to poor family. One day when she went to school she forgot to bring something and started crying. A boy came to her and asked why she was crying? She answered him that she forgot to bring some graph papers which were necessary for the test was going to take place later that day. She couldn't buy from the school stationary shop for it was closed for few days. The boy came to her rescue and gave her some extra graph that he carried. She thanked him and vowed that she would help him whenever she get a chance. Next day she forgot to bring her pencil and feared a beating from her teacher. This time another boy came to her rescue and helped her with an extra pencil. She was smiling for she always believed that everybody in this world is helpful and this was coming true. On the last day of half yearly exam her parents gave her Rs 10 note to have lunch. She went to canteen to have Samosa, which costed her Rs 5, she also got another Samosa for the boy who helped her with graph paper, for he forgot to bring any lunch. As she had eaten  half of her Samosa she saw the boy who helped her with pencil, he too was without lunch and wanted the girl to help him. The boy became sad and went away, she wanted to give him her half but he refused. She was sad for not making that boy happy but her was not sad for the boy sitting besides her was happy and then she realised that you can't keep everyone happy. #Firsttimemoralstory #storytelling #memoriesofschool #happiness #WritingMakesMeAlive

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