I don't like to gamble,
But if there's
One thing
I'm willing to bet on,



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Mysticism, the theatre is set before me. The artists, protagonist, villain, saviour everyone...... costumes all set, the theatre all jewelled. The smoke of essence was visible to my eyes. The aroma of nostalgia was already throbbing my mind. My little 'thought soldiers' were jumping, giggling, shouting, hooting, celebrating !!! Every moment of my existence was getting marked. The galloping of horses, the crackle of walnuts, the beaming of sun, the mintness of breeze, the Green fields.....!!! Everything seemed to enrich my ears. Yeah! The curtain was finally unveiled before me. The origami butterflies fluttered through the auditorium. Their vibrance was flamboyant.  The mersmerism of the scene kind of teleported me to an unending dimension. I....... I was frozen in the centre of all and i could see the stars, the galaxies, the planets, comets and infinity...... nah! infinities.......The mosaic of my journey showered in pieces. I kind of had a magical wand which danced through the air and my passion was being metalled into my heart.  Amazing!! The theatre once again.....!!  The soldiers were still parading, swords were still sparkling, the blue sky was providing its shelter........men invented the wheel, the fire stereotype was broken, caves were carved, prince fought the dragon, the princess defeated the witch, the kings ended slavery, borders were being marked, waters were being drenched. The concretes, the scientists were as always inventing. The wheel of the mankind seemed to wobble a little faster than before. The archive of past, tissues of present and hologram of future....!!!!!!! I stood completely fascinated.... Silent than before. When you really want something, the whole world conspires for you.  Every single soul on the stage shone like a protagonist. A story in w hich everyone was a protagonist.  A tree thus born and led me to something........... #Yqbaba #life #dreams #deep #philosophy


"There are more mirrors than windows." *Read caption

Appearances are deceptive. But still people judge each other on its basis. It's like looking a person in mirror. Believe me, you get to know someone only when you open the window of their soul. *Comments appreciated *questions loved #Yqbaba #life #philosophy #love #deep