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Affected by things around.
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Affected by things around.
Feel free to unfollow.
Joined 9 December 2017
Wild Whispers 25 JUN AT 10:35

And the world has adopted
this measure wherein
to get close to someone
they first start by taking them
far off from everybody.


Beware such people.
#yqbaba #wildwhispers #kritikakiran

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Wild Whispers 23 JUN AT 13:06

And one of our first nights together,
she just watched me sleep.
She believes the face tells your story
all that you have gone through
while you are asleep!


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Wild Whispers 20 JUN AT 10:13

और गम इतना
कि आंखें थार हो गई हो।
गहरी, पर अश्क का एक कतरा नहीं।
हैरत है, कि मैं डूबा भी
उन्हीं आंखों में।


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Wild Whispers 20 JUN AT 9:42

And pain was never
known to share a bias.
A little in abundance
and no point in the body
could help you bear it.


Sadist but on the face.
#yqbaba #wildwhispers #kritikakiran

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Wild Whispers 19 JUN AT 19:25

And you know why
they finally bid
rest in peace?
Because these are times
where we usually live
in stress!


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Wild Whispers 19 JUN AT 11:26

To those who blindly call suicide cowardly are actually the ones who fear death. And you fear death only when you know that you haven't lived worthwhile.


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Wild Whispers 17 JUN AT 13:16

We lost Sushant to depression.
Now you all are doing well for the so called star kids. Make sure you make their lives depressing enough. I know you give no rats ass to people dying rather that's just a news to decorate your wall.
But the rationals, what you can do is appreciate what deserves appreciation. And call out for things that could be better. The star kids ain't to blame for someone's failure. The box office is minted with money by people like us. You watch SOTY and make it enter the 100 cr club. Next time do it for movies like masaan. Don't put the blame on a few people. Improve and develop your taste. Instill depth in your mind and mentality. Learn to differentiate between a good story line and commercial shit.
That would be enough for a sushant to RIP.


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Wild Whispers 16 JUN AT 14:27

You want to be the best.
And there you miss the crack.
Coz being the best isn't in your hand.
But being better than yesterday is!


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Wild Whispers 10 JUN AT 2:27

And so I want to know,
no more the breed!
They show me
their ugly side,
a little too soon!


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Wild Whispers 28 MAY AT 16:33

And somedays I am so bored
that I aimlessly shout
"Look what I just found!"
Only to answer
"Your attention!"
when people look at me.


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