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Joined 6 October 2016
Debashis Sarmah 30 NOV 2019 AT 23:00


Instead of tiffin, Rohan discovered pad in Nandita’s bag.

“Diaper baby... Hahaha”, the boys bullied.

“Stop, idiots! That’s sanitary pad”, protective Shalini defended.

“A what?”, class 5 boys kept whispering.


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Debashis Sarmah 10 OCT 2019 AT 22:18

ये आसमान के सितारे भी ना...
जनो कबका हो गया खुद खत्म
पर आज भी वो सपने दिखाते हैं,
बन्द कमरे के खिड़कियों से
आज भी वो नज़र आते हैं
ये आश्मान के सितारे भी ना...

- देबाशीष शर्मा


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Debashis Sarmah 3 OCT 2019 AT 0:33

Tonight, let me touch 
A few souls, with my whisper.
Disappear at dawn.


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Debashis Sarmah 3 SEP 2019 AT 22:12


Let me weep now,
I will hide as usual.
Don't worry, dear!
maybe inside the closet or
behind the curtains of
that corridor
to the storeroom,
or in the deity room,
where the idols watch me;
I've turned
into an atheist now,
for those gods are now
plain idols for me,
sitting where I had placed them.
I have now built
walls around me.
I'll weep at night
when you sleep,
and I shall thank darkness once again.

Let me weep now.
It's midnight.


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Debashis Sarmah 28 AUG 2019 AT 18:03

Hey YourQuote,

You are 3 today! It's official now. We knew how smart you are since the first couple of months. But it's your time to wear that backpack, and go through the process of schooling and rock the world.

I am sorry dear, to not stay much connected. I am aware of your fights and wish I could help, but like your fights, I am fighting my own. We will fight and win this, won't we? You can throw your diaper then, and run free in this world of adults.

Oh, you know... your neighbour thought that we are not connected anymore. "28th August", I smiled and replied back to her. This connection is made by the Gods. We don't need validation, do we? I'll now go back to my old age, while you my dear, will take care and stay blessed. Happy Birthday, Champ!


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Debashis Sarmah 14 AUG 2018 AT 11:01

Every thing, everyone, every incident, every second adds or subtract some value in every life. Life is a combination of plus and minus. Nothing results in zero. Remember, even if it ends, it ends just for you.


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Debashis Sarmah 14 JUL 2018 AT 12:33

Where have I lost
that yellow tulip plant
which bloomed each day
with one little flower
after every night?

The winter, the monsoon
or summer, I know not
which and how, wiped it off but
now when I look back,
it seems as if it
was never there.

Was my land so empty
always...and I never knew
for now what I see,
the land is barren and
clouds are gone.

Please come.
The roots are hurting.


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Debashis Sarmah 11 JUL 2018 AT 21:12


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Debashis Sarmah 28 JUN 2018 AT 21:38

An attempt
on the great
Mona Lisa
finds herself

on the wall.


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Debashis Sarmah 26 JUN 2018 AT 22:11

आसमान से हमें ये लगाव कैसा
साथ तो ये दिन और रात रहता है
रोशनी तो दिन का सूरज देता मगर
प्यारा तो हमें रात का सितारा लगता है

- देबाशीष शर्मा


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