Language Festival 2018



My Saviour : 

"Mom...No Mom! Don't leave me.. please" I cried, as I kept on looking at the dead body of my mother. Stoned and cold. "Please, I'll always listen to you. I won't be a picky eater, I'll do my chores regularly. But please don't leave me" I still cried but it went all to vain. 
I knew my mother was dead, she already has been a star, high up in the sky yet there was a part of me which didn't want to accept it....
(Continued below)

Days went by, months passed and so did the years. I'm in highschool now. Without anyone to watch my back or to support me, I continued to live on. I also stopped my carrier as a pianist, because the person who taught me was no longer to cheer me on my performances... Yes it was my mother. "Oww-!" I bumped into someone and opened my eyes, just to see I bumped into a girl. "Oh, I uh.. sorry" I helped her up and soon noticed a mouth organ. "It's ok!" She cheerfully said back. "Hey, wanna join my club? I'm looking for some new students. I play mouth organ and other plays their instruments but we haven't found a pianist. Can you play piano??" She kept on blabbing as I was stuck on a particular word "Piano". "Oiii are you listening?""Ah! Yeah... I am." I replied back. "So, wanna join as a pianist?" It took me a while to reply back but... "Yeah, sure" saying that to her, I felt a spark inside my heart and once again I smiled. 'Mom... You were the reason, I joined a club as a pianist back then... And now I'm joining again. History repeats itself huh?' I smiled, looking at the sky as a gust of wind blew, as if I could feel my Mom patting my back and saying "Go ahead. I'll always be by your side". #historyrepeatsitself #challenge #yqbaba #piano #sad #happy #mother #music


Whistling one of my favourite Hindi songs :)

Gaana guess karo? #audioquote #music #hindimusic #hindisongs #bollywood #songs #yqdidi