"His foreplay 
was just a play of his lust 
to play with her body"



Passion pens a beautiful fantasy on her satin skin all as she moans and pleads for the night to stay a bit longer..

Lust I wonder if I'm ever on your mind  your ink stains my thoughts  with it's raw intensity  your brutality and tenderness  caresses my creamy spots  on fire in your presence  pulsating rhythm of my heart  pounding out my desire for you  cruel fate not meant to be  a world apart  still lingering in the recesses of my soul  your poetic prowess and fierce spirit  resonates deep within me  bringing out the dreamer  the one that wishes to be the sweat  on your muscular form  the nicotine in your lungs  liquor in your veins  putting you in mind of me  ejaculating in dreams  my phantom form riding  you with abandon  taking pleasure in the raw  act of fucking  not for love  just sex nothing more  this is what twists and contorts my thoughts  me who loves it rough  knows I would get tenderness  mixed with rage, in your arms  fucking me in anger  raping my being  that's what you've done  with the stroke of your pen  I'm addicted to your ink  you fist fuck my mind  causing me to ache  for your touch  rough, raw and brutal  delivering blows  only you can  there will always  be a space reserved in me  for you.  #YQbaba #yourquote #erotica #lust #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with Rashi Sharma