Don't let exams judge you.
Don't let marks define you.
Don't let grades rule you.

Let your conscience judge you.
Let your actions define you.
Let your heart rule you.

#exams #life #yqbaba To all those having their exams coming up, stay strong and do not pressurise yourself. P.S - Thanks vivian sophat for the poke. Well I've got my boards up too. So got sunk in preparation but I needed this. Thank you. Pic credit - Google images


Minutiae of life

Amidst the unexpected twist and turns, One constant reminder to smile. An act of kindness among the millions of indifferent faces, Those surprising compliments from strangers, Linger in the heart longer than thought. Unpredicted meetings and forming of aquaintances, A bitter-sweet relationship filled with smiles and tears and loads of pranks, Friendships begin the influence of life. The exploration of the heart's content, The small things caused by simple serendipity, And the number of mistakes and memories, Leads to discovering the self. The ecstatic feeling of butterflies in the stomach, Those conversations led by the depth of the eyes, That indeniable urge of needed affection, And among those soft touches and drunk kisses, Love opens a new chapter. Trembling and shaking, motoring and working, The sweat of employment and the sweet relief of breaks, As the sharing of mini packs of joy lead to new relations, Laughs and complaints, dinners and fights over bills, Made career a little more fun. Commitments and promises, Spoken vows and sealed kisses, Happiness and a new form of sharing, Loving, caring and forgiving, Supporting and advising the right, A family grows. Discovering, searching, finding, The answers and questions start sounding the same, The time comes to form a new chapter in the heaven, Leaving a legacy for the family, Promising friends and one last confession of love, The heaven and hell unite. #yqbaba #minutiae Of #life