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Theertha Sarvesh
21 APR AT 23:21

I accept mentally immature
as a compliment.
Yes, of course I may not be
able to perceive things the
way you think.
But at least I am loyal to my
immature heart.
I never suits anywhere,
that's one of my best qualities ever.

I am blended with a lot of chaos,
insanity, selfishness, and every
fucking disorientations.
I fell in love with the IMPERFECT me!


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Richa Singh
11 AUG AT 21:58

Numb nights and cold dreams
Rumpled, inside me something screams
Disoriented from the loop
My life is now on the stoop.

Wandering within till the bottom
The floret lying is yet to blossom
All around stands still
As the cry becomes shrill.

A curing hug, a healing kiss
All I long for is an utter bliss
Following the berm of love and hope
Onward steadily I wanna lope!



Shreya Janhvi
18 MAY AT 22:39

This morning when I woke up
thirst was the only other feeling I had,


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Balendu S Kumar
29 NOV 2017 AT 1:01

Disoriented thoughts and
Slightly sensitive heart
Can do more damage,
To their owner
Troublesome twins they are
Creating mess and chaos,
All around
Peace will seem like,
An unaffordable luxury!



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