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Rent Free.

// RENT FREE // They said an empty mind And a dark room Are an invitation to the devil, For him to reside. To play with our silly mind. Demanding our time and attention, For absolute devotion. But I have never been afraid of him, Nor of his ways. So when the devil knocked on my door, To enter my empty thoughts And my darkened room, Asking for a place to stay, I welcomed him with open arms And offered him my space, rent free. Picture credits: Pinterest 📸 #yqbaba #yourquote #darkness #devil #empty #room #welcome #poetry

Face the Sun,
Darkness will certainly run.
Be your own Sunshine,
Soon every hurdles will decline.

Read Caption ❤ Be a silverlining to every cloud Don't be a sheep in the crowd You have question as well as answers within. Don't get drowned in depression for sake of people with varying skin. You have your own Sun. Make your darkclouds stun. Scare them with euphoria. As darkness is cheriphobia. Shine with your own sun. Certainly darkness will scram. pic credit #wallpaperzamani #instagram #happiness #sunshine #darkness #defeat #yqenglish #yqbaba