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Aishwarya Swarup
19 MAY 2017 AT 1:51

Death by Chocolate

The next moment was the one that I knew I'd carry with me for the rest of my life irrespective of your presence in it.

( Complete Story in the caption )


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Sumit Pareek
12 JAN AT 12:48

Dedicated to age group 16-22,

You're too young to stop believing in love because of a failed school relationship or over a college crush crushed by your destiny.

Yes, you had some really bad experiences, the ones that still haunts you every night. Its hard to forget them but trust me you need to.

You'll learn to love & trust again. The magical spark will ignite back, all you need is one right person. He/She will be your "everything".

But this time let him/her come your way. Your dreams and your parent's expectations are waiting at a distance place.

And, its high time to pick up a lane in your career path. But, make sure you break the rear view mirror before you get on the ride.

You need to move on now. So, start today & don't look back. Just remember this:

Today is never too late to be brand new.


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Mohit Gummanwala
6 JUL AT 13:50

Abhishek ~ Dad...Mere Acting Career Ke Liye Kuch Advice Do Naa???πŸ™

Amitabh after thinking a while...😐


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Sonali Singh
11 NOV 2017 AT 8:50

They said, 'Arts is an easy stream'

She replied, 'That is why all the IAS/IPS study its subjects'.



2 APR AT 0:14

Dear Mumma and Papa...
I don't want to marry now..
but be with you..

I want a life of my own..
To repay your loan...
To repay your debts..
Which changed my life in depths...
I want to see you smile..
Wanna send you for your fav tours far miles...

I want to make u feel proud..
In that big crowd...



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