Yes, she is overweight
Being called a potato
Sans perfect clothes 
Formal or informal
Clothes snicker
Slim look??? A far cry....
"Is she a town?"
comments from assholes
Then she realises
fat never gonna be a trend
she walks, jogs, jumps
picks every piece of workout
then the world praises her change
asks about her secret
she drowns into her world
recalls all those faces 
which made fun of her
and that food
which embraced her...
binges her fav foods
bcoz she knew...
food will never be a asshole

#4 Proud to be a fat gurl..... Foodie


क्यूं नहीं  मिलता  है सुकून इस जहाँ में ,
कहाँ मिलता है सुकून ऐसी कोई तक्सीर बता दे !
 बिक ना  सके जो ऐसा कोई जमीर बता दे ,
 सारे जहाँ में ना लुट सके ऐसी कोई जागीर बता  दे ,
ढंक सके  जो सर ज़मी को ऐसा  कोई चीर बता दे


20 FEB AT 19:00

Warmth are his words.
Cold are his hugs.
Hot are his eyes.
Rainy are his laugh...
Happy to be drenched all through my life...

#crazy writing #4

20 FEB AT 11:25

One must break his parameter to achieve his dreams.


20 FEB AT 9:08

Ek dariyaa ki tarah hai tu mere liye,
Or meri pyaas sirf boond bhar ki...


20 FEB AT 7:06