I remember in my 13 my mother told me not to laugh while walking at roads... So I giggled around 🤗 

Yes I faced the consequence



That was my 1st day in SCHOOL.I was nervoused little bit (ସଳା ଆଜି ଜାଣି ପାରୁଛି ସେଦିନ ମୁଁ ନୁହେ ପୁରା class nervous ଥିଲା). Class teacher came and take the attendance.

With in no time;he came to his AUKAT and asked us the most CHUTIYA question of the decade,"WHAT IS YOUR AIM".

I was the 2nd person on the  2nd row and before me there are 6 students to answer.

Full 1st row did nt say anything 😞(Bhnchod 5 year ki child ko aim ke bare me ghanta pta hoga). Now its turn for 2nd row(my row).

As i said before;i was the 2nd one in my row.Before me there was a girl,She replied innocently 'I wants to became a doctor'.

In my turn i have nothing to say so i copied her sentence and repeat the same that,"I wants to became a doctor".

At the age of 5,aim was doctor.
age of 10,aim was teacher.
age of 15 ,aim was pilot.
age of 17,aim was  engineer.
Finally now m what ,"A SOLDIER".
                                                                                           #Chapter 1
                                                                                                 #SHIT HAPPENS



Jimmedariyo Me Hi Dab Jaati Hai Khwahishe Saari
Kuch Dil Ki Chahte Rok Leta Hai Samaj Har Baari
Do Hisso Me Jeeta Hai Insaan Apni Jindegi Ye Saari
Abhi Umar Nhi Hui Tumhari,Abhi Umar Nhi Hui Tumhari




Letter to my (future) baby

Letter to my future baby 4 My dear baby, Anytime you feel you need me, without you telling i will be with you. A woman doesn't becomes a mother when she gives birth to her baby instead in real actual terms she becomes a mother when she trusts her child, when he knows what her child needs, when she understands likes and dislikes of her child, when she leaves everything for the sake of her child. When her child becomes tops her priority list not when her child's name comes in the list of options. Being there for your child is a matter of preference and not an option. A girl/woman is usually forced to get married not because she is ready to handle all the responsibilities but instead to have babies. She also has a life of her own over which she has complete rights. There are some for whom a girl is a burden but learn to respect every girl, women always. That doesn't mean a girl is always right sometimes she goes wrong as well. Just know whom to respect and whom to trust. It also doesn't mean a girl is always wrong. Sometimes, she is a culprit and sometimes she is a victim. Know what's right and what's wrong. Stand for truth and defeat lies. Mumma will always be there when your legs quiver to hold you no matter what the world says. Love, Mumma #nooffence #personalthoughts #lettertomyfuturebaby #4

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