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24 OCT 2017 AT 17:33

When you stagger in an empty path,
Don't bother about it, PRAY to God!
The Lord will always be there with you, even when you feel alone....


1 NOV 2017 AT 21:57

(Part 2)
Grandma:- That's nothing dear, your friend's family left this area hours before when you was playing with your brother. Now my friends came here.
Girl:- Where are your friends granny? There aren't any houses here.
Granny:- Go closer near the wall.
Girl:- Ahhh!
{The girl was terrified by what she saw! She saw burrials, crosses, bats hanging and smoke all over.}
Granny:- What happened dear? There is nothing to be scared of, they are just my friends.
{Suddenly an anonymous woman was watching their conversation.}
Girl:- Granny! Look over there. A woman is standing there.
Granny:- Who's there?
{Suddenly the woman came forward and took granny and went somewhere.}
Girl:- Granny! Granny! Where have u gone ? Don't leave me! Ahhh!
{And that was the last thing she said in her life.
She was taken away by the same woman who ate her up. The woman was none other than Harley Quinn who transformed into a woman.}
An empty house...
Now granny got someone to accompany her and have fun with her friends living behind the ballad with her granddaughter.


28 OCT 2017 AT 15:35

Our voids may fill,
if we stop a-VOID-ing what we love
what our hands can do!


11 NOV 2017 AT 1:18

ℓ - ℓαҡรɦɱყ เร ɱყ ɳαɱε
α - αɳ αµ∂αcเσµร ɠเrℓ เɳ∂εε∂
ҡ - ҡเɳ∂- ɦεαrƭε∂ ɓεαµƭყ
ร - รƭαrrεร ƭɦε rσℓε σƒ αɳ αɳɠεℓ เɳ ყσµr ∂rεαɱร
ɦ - ɦσɳεรƭყ เร ɱყ ρσℓเcყ
ɱ - ɱเrαcµℓσµร ƒαเrყ
ყ - ყσµɳɠ φµεεɳ σƒ ƒαรɦเσɳ!


28 OCT 2017 AT 15:41

Do what you think that you are satisfied of,
that might lead you to success!


28 OCT 2017 AT 15:24

The time I met them,
A new bonding started in my life.
My pain and happiness were there's too.

They made my life significant
Gave the best they could,
&They still do the same....
Once it's my pursuit for doing the same to them


28 OCT 2017 AT 22:42

If there was a real wishing well, I would wish to go to my past & correct my past story..


26 DEC 2017 AT 0:24

I'm not meant to be with wings...
But my parents said that I'm a freebird....
They are my wings... They raise me up....
Higher! & Higher! More than they could.....


26 DEC 2017 AT 12:30

🎏How to begin next year:-

😄Be the best to your family.👪
😘Share love & happiness with all.💑
😬Avoid fights & arguments.🙅
😇Pray good for the next year.🙏
✍Be a wonderful writer in YourQuote.😎
🏄Plan for next year.🗼
🙆Write some goals.🙌


28 OCT 2017 AT 11:42

These four words are enough for making me happy:
"You are just mine!"