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yq khushbu jain 26 JUL AT 13:12

कुछ बातों को अधूरा ही रहने दो "मिलने से पहले"
कुछ इल्जामो को और लगने दो "मिलने से पहले"
कुछ अपनों को और छूटने दो "मिलने से पहले"
कुछ रिश्तों को और बिखरने दो "मिलने से पहले"


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Manish Kr 24 MAY AT 3:05

Are janaab duniya me harr cheez ka jayza le lo Magar ishq ke jayze ki na krna baat Kyoki agar ishq ke jayze me agar mila aapko galat परिमाण।

तो kasam se dil ka hoga jo haal उसका laga v nahi sakte aap अनुमाण।।


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 22 MAY AT 14:36

Every bitter tasks will always end with a sweet result!


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 12 JAN AT 18:13

Unknown pain!

Beauty can come once again,
Only if we change for once again.
The green land is now a smoky structure,
Pollution changed her picture.
The blue aqua is now a freculant part of her,
And now she is squandered.
"Can she ever get her beauty again?", I asked to present,
"Only if your demonic possession changes." present said to me.
"Technology all over me?",
"I'm not your dummy run, did I owe this for you?"
She cared you like a mother, gave you more than you deserved,
Per contra, was she meant to be paid the awfulness?
Change the present,
Before it's too late.
Not for your magmanity,
Nor for some mysteriously sake.


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