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10 feet away I recognised you! As a prince on a horse, You were on your bike! Skidding to the side, With a slight push And a gentle break, Dust rushing out You made a stop, In front of me With a grin. The flash of your grin Dawned on me telling That, it's a 'Dream". I realised the I'm still in the bus stop Waiting for you. Then, Once again, 10 feet away I recognised you! This time, for, Real. #yqbaba #yqbabaquotes #poetry #dreamstory #realone #dreamreality #dreamrealiser A happy day for me .... 25/05/2018 Met a special person... Smiled a real smile of many days..

I may fade, 
I may get scratches, 
But I will protect you always.

Now, the walls could say the most random things like, "I saw you naked." Or "You can't sing or dance. I think you should stop before I break and you're homeless." Or they'd pity you because you're really lonely and come to hug you and you'd feel suffocated? Woo just got a lil dark there. :P You do you. Use #WallsTalk NOTE: Hashtags are super duper important. So use relevant hashtags. If you're responding to any challenge, make you're using the specific one mentioned in the captions. It increases your discoverability. #Collab #challengeaccepted #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba #yqbabaquotes #yqbabachallenge #yqbaba