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Maria Sufia
5 JUN 2017 AT 23:20

I bulit a house
At the shore of the
Ocean of your memories
And enjoyed its cool waves
Occasionally kissing my feet.

But the ocean turned fatal
The waves turned lethal
And the same moana
That I so cherished
Engulfed me in its rage.


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purnima singh
23 APR AT 21:45

I would like to lose myself in the pages of a book
Fixing the gaze on every page
Jumping through the passages
Wandering through the letters
Enjoying the fragrance of paper
Befriending the characters
Plunging in emotions
Life would be a fiction
Of unravelled dimensions



Poulomi Mondal
27 MAR AT 17:01

When you fail a test
Get ready for the next !
To give your best ,
As it was not your last test !


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Sakshi Bansal
8 MAY AT 15:32

Have not taken "cab ride" ,
Do you remember??
Our first cab ride
Your drop to my hometown
Taking cab at midnight!
College lecturers,
We outside the classrooms,
As usual,
Drinking water πŸ’§ excuses .
Whispering sitting at last bench and teacher pointing out only towards you.
"you -no fear of any 1 "
But me cannot be fearless ever again.
Well! We laughed together.
And still I wonder we will.


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