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मै भटकता उन गलियों में  
अंधेरा जिनमे बसता है,
हारी आँखें निराशा सोखें,सूर्य उदय से घबराये 
वक़्त की ठोकर,कदम डगमगाते,गिरते ना फिर भी वो, हौसला वो दिखाते
प्यार पोस्ता,दर्द जोड़ता,कर्म खुदा कहलाता 
मै भटकता उन गलियों में,
अजनबी सा नज़र आता|

We live in a society which lacks love.We don't realise that with love any battle can be won.I noticed some people complaining about how hard is life even when there problems were nothing and on the other hand there were people living happily with so much trouble.The secret of their happiness was satisfaction.That is why i find myself "ajnabi" in this way of living ❤ #yourquotes #myquote #hindi #hindipoetry #followforfollow