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#worship quotes

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Amol Gade 10 AUG 2018 AT 10:59

Worship her like a goddess,
she will bless you like
no other god has ever had.


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Upside Me 13 JAN 2018 AT 23:19

She was rejected by many boys because of her dark and dusky skin colour on the same land where people worship GODDESS KALI!


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Shivangi verma 11 AUG 2018 AT 12:33

मेरे नैनों के दरवाज़े पर एक तेरी तस्वीर हो😍
देखूं तुझे मैं हर पल कान्हा ऐसी मेरी तकदीर हो।।


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Shivangi verma 25 JUL 2018 AT 20:56

ऐ खुदा..
एक तू है जो बेहिसाब देता है और
एक हम हैं जो तेरा नाम भी गिन गिन के जापते हैं।।


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Aishwarya Saha 8 JUN 2017 AT 1:47

Two writers fell in love.
One preferred wordplay,
the other worshipped silence.

Only Destiny knew that their togetherness was the perfect novel in making.


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Amol Gade 5 DEC 2018 AT 8:39

Ours is the country of worshipping body-parts,
It's just that few took genitals seriously.


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Jwalant 14 OCT 2018 AT 8:13

Procreate new life
granted for women
Duty of man is just to donate sperm?

Pain to hold toxic blood
Pain to flow toxic blood
Cumber of amenability
to hold new life
granted for women.
Duty of man is just to donate sperm?

Penance of nine months
Pain of stretching elytron
Pain of shrinking uterus
Amenability of feeling new life
granted for women
Duty of man is just to donate sperm?

Worship her is nothing
Care her body
Care her feelings
Gratitude for all she does
Proud for being not man
but proud for being 'Her Man'

Burn off man ego
in the fire of dedication.
Worship her by commuting self
from man to woman.


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Pragya Thakur 12 NOV 2018 AT 19:50

ठार लागे पनिया में जा के
आदित काहे नाही हालि सुनी आए
हो गैलई अब त विहान
सुरुज देव केना बेरी आयेम
एह बेरी ले ले अहिया ओहकरो
जेकरा मंगले हती ऐते कष्ट उठाए !


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K.R. Nisha 13 OCT 2018 AT 20:57

I would have been happy
If "death" was my end...


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Diksha Singh 21 JUL 2018 AT 22:34

I am thankful for the hardship
that tests me all the time
It might tremble me for a while
But with virtue of worship
Monolithic mountains i can climb


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