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YourQuote Baba
11 JAN AT 19:50

Dear Writers,

1. Word of the day: WALL
Use the word in your writing and break through walls.

2. Fill in the Blank:

Before the final world cup match, the captain said to the team...

3. Choose the best picture from your phone's camera roll and write a quote/microtale/poem on it.


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YourQuote Baba
17 MAY 2017 AT 19:15

Dear Writers,

1.Word of the day is WALL. Use it in your story or poem or one-liner and break the walls of your imagination.

2. Fill in the blank: I woke up with a strange superpower. I could ______________.


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Mayank Shah Jain
12 JAN AT 1:06

Break down the wall of your Negativity from your mind & make the wall of Positivity in your mind. Because the wall of Positivity gives you Hope.Our Hope is everything for us.



Harish Satheesan
24 MAY 2017 AT 1:07

The vanishing lusters,
Of her dismounting hair,
Her agonizing flusters,
At the sight of a stair.
Those wrinkled eyes,
Gleam with a beady dew,
As her memories slice,
Through the days I grew.


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Ruftaz Raj
18 MAY 2017 AT 9:30

No matter how much blood he has to shed in
that battle field, he would break those walls
and come back home to you,
just to make love with you.


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Harish Satheesan
22 MAY 2017 AT 19:24

My one line life story:
A deep sea diver, occasionally bubbling out harmonious thoughts, gliding deeper and deeper to attain the treasure of tranquility.


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Prasoon Vyas
17 MAY 2017 AT 23:55

मेरे मुल्क में आजकल इतना शोर शराबा है साहब
ख़ुदा भी अब दीवारों के पीछे बैठकर आराम करते हैं..



Harish Satheesan
1 JUN 2017 AT 2:02

The night, fuelled with your gasp,
Your body, fondled in my clasp,
The leaves, rustled around you,
Your eyes, glittered the lunar blue,
The tight embraces elevated our senses,
As I swallowed your moaning dispenses,
Your hair swayed and swung and swirled,
My life trailed away from the world,
Our entwined lips kept withering away,
At the soaring zeal that the tears portray,
Your lustrous bites didn't sting at all,
As I hauled you up, the bedroom wall,
Your legs shiver and embrace with wild exclaims,
As I paint the wall, with you and our wild flames.


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