I wanted you to rest your head,
on my shoulder
and discuss 
Why it never worked out with anybody else.

#khamoshikealfaaz #love #together #voids #YQBaba Us I wanted you to curl up around my length and feel my breath I wanted you to measure me with your cold fingers, An inch with finger, and another inch with other finger. I wanted you to move my hair From my collar bone and trail it towards my neck. I wanted you to fill the spaces between my fingers and see the sunlight together, through the veil it makes. I wanted you to rest your head onto my shoulders and discuss Why it never worked out with anybody else. I wanted us to write our names on the parched sand and laugh together, when the ocean scribbled it with its gushing waves, conveying our portrait of love through eyes and understanding the silliness of the ocean that it couldn't know our depth. But you were uneducated in love just left the thumbprints all over my body, marking your territory And leaving me in pieces, unchained yet waiting for your warmth to peep inside my broken soul.

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We're addicted
To that

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