Is the
with hatred,
or your 
are stuffed
with hatred?

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6 JUL AT 15:39

Voids weren't empty once,they are just empty spaces drained of emotions,dreams and some people ......


9 MAY AT 21:07

Can you do a bittersweet favour to me 
Love me differently ..
Hold me in the light for i fear light more than dark..
Instead of my beauty, love me for my mess ..
Dont dedicate me any promise, give me poetry to keep ..
Dont give me memories, search me in the crowd.. Dont promise me future, love me like there is no tomorrow ..
Dont miss me ,grab me by your side now.. 
Dont hear my words, listen to me like music..
Dont be my shadow ,blindfold me and take me to your chaos ..
Dont say you love me, smother me with thousand passionate kisses..
Dont give me wonderful day, give me a smile when everyone is watching..
In my world of silence, be the voice i crave for!



4 MAY AT 14:37