The Green Umbrella

(Lets get wet in love with this love poem)

The Green Umbrella Stormy day,Roaring clouds with a Pouring rain. Crowded Street,Jammed traffic, I stood in a lane. The drizzling rain brought a sheet of chill. Trembled I was & I stood still. The rain teased me, I got wet. The cloud silvery lining made me threat. Anxious I was and I got keen. Then I opened my umbrella of colour green. The monstrous wind began to blew. My umbrella got wings, as it flew. I ran after it as I was a spy. I saw you then, with a blink of an eye. Love ! love! Love ! I thought it mean. I found your umbrella also to be green. Called a destiny or a game of fate. Me and My umbrella got their mate. #yqbaba#Still#challenge#love#poems#yopowrimo#green#umbrella

9 JUL AT 11:39