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Joined 5 January 2018

the sunset and the horizon looking
razzle-dazzle in it's own way, birds
returning to their homes to reunite
with their loved ones.


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Late at night when the clock strikes twelve,
A new year is waiting to turn into jewel.
New hopes and dreams will come true,
Like a white shade in the corollary of blue.
Wishing this year to be as delicious buffet,
Wrapped with flowers of beautiful bouquet.
Raising the toast with joy in sake of new year,
Enjoying the aftermath of Christmas with polar bear.
May everyone's battle this new year lessen to be few,
Peace of heart and serenity of soul should never be due.
Cheers to new year & a chance to set everything right,
Fighting with negativity with all our might!!


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NIDHI JAISWAL 14 SEP 2018 AT 21:14

Whatever or how much
uglier the PAST is, the
more brighter is the


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NIDHI JAISWAL 19 AUG 2018 AT 20:12

फ़क़त तू ही था मेरा,
पर तकमील मुझे कोई और कर गया।
मशगूल हो गए फुरागत में तुम,
पर फतेह मुझे कोई और कर गया।
शय थी मैं तुम्हारे लिए,
पर एहतिराम मुझे कोई और कर गया।
तेरी फुरक़त से रूह ल़ज़िॅश हो गई ,
पर तेरे ख्याल से नज़ात मुझे कोई और कर गया॥


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NIDHI JAISWAL 28 JUN 2018 AT 14:53

Love has disappeared in quest of money,
People are running behind money as if honey.
Truth of realism appears facade,
Lie now wins in the sun's shade.
Peace now seems lost in disquietude,
Fed up of world's stringent attitude.
Maybe some situations will never mend,
Road of sufferings now doesn't end.
Demureness and candor has disappeared how,
Earlier what looked no longer appears now.!!!!


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NIDHI JAISWAL 16 JUN 2018 AT 22:41

Ohh thy world!
I was made up of flaws,
Trapped in this hypocrite world's claws.
Fighting every day for what I was,
Was making my dignity always abash.
Was searching for that ray of light,
Which can give world a new sight.
Accepting someone with their flaws,
Is not against anyone's class..!!


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पंख टूटे हैं तो क्या,
हौसला अभी बाकी है ।
सूरज डूब गया तो क्या,
एक नई सुबह बाकी है ।
दिल में दर्द भरा है तो क्या,
होठों पर मुस्कान बाकी है ।
घरौंदा छूटा है तो क्या,
नया आशियाना बनाना बाकी है ।
दुश्मन हैं तो क्या,
दोस्त बनाना बाकी है ।
फूल मुरझा गए तो क्या,
नई कपोले फूटना बाकी है ।
तेरा साथ छुठा है तो क्या,
यादों का पिटारा खोलना बाकी है ।
तू विनाशक है तो क्या,
सृष्टि रचाइता तुझमें अभी बाकी है।

पंख टूटे हैं तो क्या,
हौसला अभी बाकी है ।।


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NIDHI JAISWAL 27 MAY 2018 AT 16:30

तुझसे दूर नहीं हूं मैं,
तेरे ही पास हूं।
तू मुझे महसूस कर,
मैं बस एक एहसास हूं।
सीने में है दर्द छुपा,
होठों पर तेरे मुस्कान हूं।
फिर उठ खड़ी हो गई तू
मैं बस जीत का आगाज़ हूं।
तुझसे दूर नहीं हूं मैं,
तेरे ही पास हूं।

जिंदगी एक पहेली है,
सुलझ गई तो सहेली हूं।
ना ही तुझको टूटना
ना ही डर कर है डूबना,
तुझको बस है जीतना
खड़ी आगे बनके तेरी ढाल हूं।

तुझसे दूर नहीं हूं मैं,
तेरे ही पास हूं।।


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NIDHI JAISWAL 12 MAY 2018 AT 16:28

, it would build
a world of immense love, beatitude
where people will be living with
equanimity & unanimity and above
all having solicitude for each other.!!!!


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The shadiness of your love was soothing,
Till the time our togetherness was scintillating.
The baccha word for me symbolises immense trust,
When you left me showed my emotional outburst.
I dreamt of having glorious friendship,
Crossing together concomitantly every hardship.
This was only something I desired most
Maybe it haunted you like dramatic ghost.!!!!


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