She love to dance..
But everyone think she dance awfully...
One day his eye caught on her eyes..when she was dancing alone .he clapped from behind she stopped and run 
He caught and helped to dance and bang...
On the day of show all were waiting for a comedy show but.. She was the best with her how??
He just blindfolded him with a piece of scarf..
After no one can beat her with her posture..

A short story of dream and confidence.. She was very timid of showing world..every time she try she failed because she was scared of the face.. Why..no one knows but somehow she get to know. Next time if any of are u loosing confidence or any of your friend try to blind fold them and tell to think them they are in there cosy room. #yqbaba #help #scarf #dance #tpmd #arthub #writinghost #boosthyself

29 MAY AT 9:28