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Joined 24 January 2017
Sayoni Mitra 10 SEP AT 23:58

নিরব রাতে,
চাঁদের অভাবে,
চোখে ঘুম
আর মনের গলি,
লুকোচুরি খেলা।
সেই কোন বেলায়,
শৈশব দুপুরে,
অজান্তে দেখা
টুকরো স্বপ্ন।
এই অন্ধকারে ভেসে ওঠে
জল ছবির মত।
এক টুকরো হাঁসি,
কয়েক ফোঁটা দুঃখ,
মিলিয়ে যায়,
হারিয়ে যায়,
এই আঁধারে,
আরো শত শত লোকের
স্বপ্নের মতো।


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Sayoni Mitra 4 SEP AT 22:47

Heartbreaks are always welcome,
For they bring out the best poems.


Sayoni Mitra 21 AUG AT 12:43

I hear them,
Through the music that plays in my earphones,

I hear them
amidst the song,
In the gaps that have less sound,

I hear them,
I choose to ignore.
Because they perceive me as a deaf person right now.


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Sayoni Mitra 20 AUG AT 20:55

You may attack
With swords of words,
Bring out your army of
Nonsense Knights,
And lunatic Cavalry.
Try and break me
With Cannons of curses,
And arrows of arrogance.
Try, and try your best,
And the world will know
What's your worse.
I'll defend my world,
Like a sturdy fort.
Unbent, unbroken,
Standing high till the end.
While your word armies perish,
On the periphery,
My world will shine
Inside the fort of bravery.


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Sayoni Mitra 10 AUG AT 13:26

The waves ain't gonna stop,
No matter how big of rocks you put at the shore.


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Sayoni Mitra 29 JUL AT 9:15

Or the bus will leave.
Watch your feet,
As you cross the road.
Hold your ticket
to be on board.
Where are we going?
To Bread & To coins.
But what we desire?
Peace and Oblivion.


Sayoni Mitra 27 JUL AT 22:02

What would it take,
For a cut to make?
A slit on the right place?
What would it cost,
To buy that edge?
That blade?
What would the world lose?
What would I gain?
What would it take
To start over again?


Sayoni Mitra 19 JUL AT 19:57

সে জিগ্যেস করে আমায়ে,
আমার মন কি চায়,
আমি চাই,
একদিন হঠাৎ সব শেষ হয়ে যাক,
বা আমি শেষ করে ফেলি।
নিভিয়ে দি সব আলো,
করে বন্ধ সব দোর।
মিলে যাই অন্ধকারে,
ডুবে যাই অন্তহীন শান্তি তে।


Sayoni Mitra 13 JUL AT 19:30

Don't test me darling,
I can curse in cursive.


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Sayoni Mitra 9 JUL AT 18:57

I won't change myself,
Not for the world.
Trust me, I won't.
For years later,
When this town won't be here anymore,
When the trees will be replaced by flyovers,
When the roads will be wider,
And the smell will be different in the air,
I'll still be the same,
Wearing my hair the same,
Smile the same way,
Following no fashion Norms,
For he will come,
And something must remind him of home.


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