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Joined 24 January 2017
Sayoni Mitra 6 HOURS AGO

After the thunderstorm,
After our rainy cycle ride,
I saw the moon rising,
Somewhere near the horizon.
I opened up my window,
Welcoming the light it had
To offer and bless my moment.
Grabbing my bits and pieces,
I'm getting ready to start afresh.
I call you, As I watch the moon,
Flooding my room,
With its silvery light.
"I'll be waiting for you"
My speakers are humming.
I bathe in moonlight,
You're endlessly talking.
From the horizon to overhead,
Moon has traveled a long way.
You're speaking
while I try to sush my tears.
Like lego, life is taking away pieces.


Sayoni Mitra 9 HOURS AGO

As the winds passed
The strands of my hair,
I was thinking about love,
And lovers I never had.


Sayoni Mitra 23 HOURS AGO

Your misery can always be someone's muse...


Sayoni Mitra 23 HOURS AGO

Not all endings can be happy...
But you can always say goodbye with a smile...


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Sayoni Mitra 7 APR AT 1:43

Running out,
Running lose.
So less of time,
So much to do.


Sayoni Mitra 31 MAR AT 23:21

The nagging, The constant need for attention,
The silence and The Questions,
Each and every bit, every emotion,
Will make sense,
One day, when I won't be around,
When you will long,
For those strifes, and those words,
Sure my silence hurts you now,
And you feel tired of this show.
But one day,
You will feel what I feel now,
What I can perceive about the days to come,
You will know, in days to come.
The words that you say so easily,
"Go find someone else"
But will i be able to find myself?

One day you'll know,
Very soon, it'll make sense.


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Sayoni Mitra 29 MAR AT 13:01

When situations are hard and unsure,
It's time that life is ready to give you an upgrade..


Sayoni Mitra 27 MAR AT 23:47

আর ভালো লাগছে না।
থামিয়ে নাও না সময়ে টা,
পারবে না?
তুমি তো সব পারো,
এটাও করে দাও।
ভালো লাগছে না বড় হতে।
আবার সেই ছোট হয়ে জাই না,
ফিরবো ইশকুল থেকে,
তুমি শরবত করে দেবে,
পড়তে বসবো বিকেলে,
লন্ঠন এর আলো এ,
তোমার বকা খেয়ে।
থামিয়ে নাও না,
আমি যেতে চাই না।
বড় শহর, বড় অফিসে।
বাবাই এর কাছে আবদার করবো,
বাবাই সব এনে দেবে।
বড় হতে ভালো লাগছে না।


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Sayoni Mitra 27 MAR AT 20:51

गर साफ है दिल
तो ज़िक्र क्या करना,

कभी देखा है चाँद को
अपनी वकालत करते?


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Sayoni Mitra 27 MAR AT 16:04

Keep loving me,
Till the petals fall out,
And long enough
Till spring brings them back.


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