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Joined 24 January 2017
Sayoni Mitra 13 JUL AT 19:30

Don't test me darling,
I can curse in cursive.


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Sayoni Mitra 9 JUL AT 18:57

I won't change myself,
Not for the world.
Trust me, I won't.
For years later,
When this town won't be here anymore,
When the trees will be replaced by flyovers,
When the roads will be wider,
And the smell will be different in the air,
I'll still be the same,
Wearing my hair the same,
Smile the same way,
Following no fashion Norms,
For he will come,
And something must remind him of home.


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Sayoni Mitra 7 JUL AT 12:14

Once you become successful you are automatically crowned as the reason of failure of others....


Sayoni Mitra 6 JUL AT 10:32

All this time,
That I spend away,
Barred from your touch,
Visions blurred,
Far from the scent,
And the love that ascends.
It's like sitting in a bus,
With windows sealed shut,
A piece of glass in a frame
Is all that makes the difference


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Sayoni Mitra 4 JUL AT 22:26

I smile, but I don't.
It's a story that's engraved,
If you look close,
It's hidden behind the Kohl,
That I smear every morning,
Hiding the dark bags of insomnia.

I smile, but I don't.
And I'm getting tired,
Of being an actress,
In scriptless play,
That takes me places,
I didn't choose to go.

The beautiful window,
The cloudless sky,
Food on the plate,
Clothes are delight.
But there remains a but,
And that thing hurts.

Even if I try, I won't,
I smile, but I don't.


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Sayoni Mitra 3 JUL AT 18:33

You're like the window seat in the bus of life,
No matter which road it takes,
I'll crave for you.


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Sayoni Mitra 26 JUN AT 22:41

Then I would know a whole lot of beggars


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Sayoni Mitra 25 JUN AT 8:37

LEGO HOUSE - A short story

And then one cold January morning I woke up to realise that it was my last cup of coffee in that apartment.
I sipped coffee and watched my brother packing his toys in a carton. I sat there in a corner.. watching our apartment getting empty, slowly but steadily.. cartons replaced the furniture and carpets.


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Sayoni Mitra 19 JUN AT 22:30

Now that monsoon has descended in your city,
It reminds me of the downpours that we got stuck in together,
Now that these lights take me back to us,
These flowers that remind me of your scent,
I am bound to sit back and write this note,
About love, that I share with you,
And the one I share with Rain,
And also the love I don't want to share with this city of joy,
I don't want to add to another metaphor
To the list of remembrants.
Cheers to love, cheers to Rain,
Cheers to the moment I see you again.


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Sayoni Mitra 18 JUN AT 23:46

এই কাঁচ বাক্স-খাঁচা,
দাঁড়িয়ে থাকার এক চুল জায়গা,
শীততাপ এর লালসা।
বাইরে চলে যায় কত ক্লান্ত,
পথিক, পথ ও গল্প।
সব যায় মিশে,
হয়ে মিশে একাকার।
শীততাপ এর খাঁচা থেকে
সব এ লাগে চমৎকার।


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