Sayoni Mitra (Sayoni Mitra)

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Sayoni Mitra 18 FEB AT 0:25

সে ও এসেছে,
পতাকা জড়ানো বাক্সে।


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Sayoni Mitra 18 FEB AT 0:22

Or it isn't.
Look closely
And you will see,
The sweat marks my mother left,
While knitting my favourite.
Some eraser dust
My brother scattered
While sketching a character.
Look closer and you will see
A depression on the foam
Of the backrest,
An outline of my father's body,
Because that's his spot to sit.
This sofa is empty?
Is it?


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Sayoni Mitra 16 FEB AT 13:54

Sing me a song
In some language i don't know,
Let me explore the world
Of uncertainty of the words,
Of unending probabilities
Of emotions and meanings.
Lately everything have been
About what you said, I said.
Let's cherish the music
Of existence for a change.

Sing me a song,
Of some other dialect.
Remotely similar to my tongue,
Yet different.
Let me guess what they express.
Lately everything have been
About what you meant, I meant.
Let's Cherish alternate expressions
Of love and affection.
Let's change a bit, for a change.


Sayoni Mitra 15 FEB AT 14:47

Conversations lead us to places
We never knew existed


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Sayoni Mitra 13 FEB AT 0:29

It's okay
To be Fragile

Not everyday comes
With a promise of Sunshine

Yet, it's okay
To feel weak and sublime,
At the same time


Sayoni Mitra 7 FEB AT 13:34

That you picked for me,
From the branch i couldn't reach.
The rose that was actually wild flower.
It was a sunny afternoon like this,
And bright faces that we see no more.


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Sayoni Mitra 5 FEB AT 13:49

A Poem,
With many stanzas.
Some of those stanzas
I'm still writing...


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Sayoni Mitra 3 FEB AT 1:27

Tight hugs are lovely,
Till they start suffocating you..


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Sayoni Mitra 3 FEB AT 0:14

It looks like I still play a part in your life,
You are still writing odes to the misunderstandings.


Sayoni Mitra 29 JAN AT 1:51

It's okay if your heart is turning into stone,
Because that stone could be a diamond too!


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